'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind' construction update from EPCOT

Jan 06, 2022 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction - January 4 2022
Posted: Thursday January 6, 2022 9:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is our first look at the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind' construction site in EPCOT for 2022.

Starting on the edges of the building, the paintwork appears complete on the right side of the pavilion.

The left side has been prepared for paint, but is not yet painted.

At the front of the building, the entrance now has doors, and work is continuing on adding the facades to cover the waterproofing wrap.

There is still no sign yet of the spaceship that will mark the entrance, but the area looks fully prepped, complete with the surrounding fencing and lighting.

'Guardians of the Galaxy" Cosmic Rewind' opens to guests in summer 2022, but we still don't have an exact date.

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Henry Mystic10 days ago

There’s no reason why they can’t do that in Tomorrowland.

MisterPenguinMar 15, 2024

Do you know why they would leave out the actors and Marvel gang that provided the thematic portion of the ride? Or is it just about the mechanical engineering?

JohnDMar 14, 2024

I scrolled through the credits like I would for a movie. But their accolades are well-deserved. I rode it again on Tuesday and, man, I just LOVE that ride! The exhilaration. The music. The "wind". The movement of the vehicles. I could ride it over and over and over again.

lazyboy97oMar 14, 2024

For context, this list was created to qualify for the Thea Awards and will be published on the TEA website in the awards ceremony program after the event this weekend.

DCBakerMar 12, 2024

An official credits list of those who worked on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has been posted online from an Imagineer at WDI.

HauntedPirateMar 01, 2024

Agreed. Everest at night is a completely different experience due to the complete darkness.

Rich BrownnMar 01, 2024

Every time I rode Everest there was light bleed in the backwards section revealing the inside structure. I dunno why they couldn't seal it better

BocabearMar 01, 2024

Guardians suffers from too much light and reflection in a few scenes but is still easily my favorite Disney Coaster next to Old Space Mountain. If they could use a matte paint on some of the surfaces in the Guardians show building that would help...but it would also be difficult to clean... but I really think it is a solid, super-fun ride...

Andrew25Feb 29, 2024

Not sure if it's just me, but is Tron's indoor portion easier to see now? Last few rides (different time of days each) have been very bright and easy to see that your in a warehouse. Don't have that problem on Everest/Guardians.

BocabearFeb 29, 2024

I think visually it looks completelty different from anything in Tomorrowland...there was no attempt to integrate the architecture with the area...Make it more harmonious....If they had Tron-ified the Speedway and the Speedway queue was in covered with a similar canopy and the cars redesigned to look futuristic and decked out with lighting and some sets around the course.... but there was no attempt to actually make it look like it belongs there...so to me, personally, I do not think it looks like it fits...and frankly Tomorrowland all seems to be a bit of a mess...A shuttered attraction right at the entrance, Half finished theming...it really needs some love.

SpectreJordanFeb 29, 2024

I think the theming is better in Velocicoaster. The only wow moment in Tron is the scene in the queue when the window reveals the rest of the line. But Velocicoaster has the raptor animatronics in the line, the fantastic rock work in the actual ride, etc... I think Tron works well in Tomorrowland tbh.

PhicinfanFeb 29, 2024

Sorry, but not everything has to be a mini-land. I have no issue with some IP being only attached to one ride. Now that being said, I am pretty darn sure at one time insiders had the speedway getting a "tron" update. But that got budgeted out.

BocabearFeb 28, 2024

Tron was such a knee-jerk reaction...and bad placement... a whole Tron themed miniland at DHS could have been so cool...Flynn's Arcade could have been the portal to both a TRON miniland and a Wreck It Ralph/Sugar Rush/Heroes Duty Miniland...Multiple rides and attractions... it would be great!

Epcot82GuyFeb 28, 2024

I see what you are saying. I would very easily put all 3 (TRON, CR and Hagrids) in one category myself. They are all ultimately family coasters with different tricks. Disney is trying to push Tron and Guardians as thrill rides. Universal almost downplays the thirll a bit, I find. Tron and Guardians both have a main launch speed of 60 mph. Hagrid's, while multiple launches, is only 50 mph. On the other hand, Tron and Guardians both launch into effectively a lift and then use gravity while Hagrid's uses the speed and terrain to create the feeling of speed. They all use unique riding positions (bike for Tron and Hagrid's) or controlled spin (Guardians). And, none really use height all that much. It's more show and twists/turns. I do agree Hagrid's (and for different reasons Guardians) are more successful at creating actual sensations of thrill and better rides overall. TRON just isn't that successful for me as either a family ride or a thirll ride, so I agree it's an easy third place.