Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Magic Kingdom rumored to close, new DVC Lounge to take its place

Apr 02, 2024 in "Frontierland Shootin' Arcade"

Frontierland Shootin' Arcade overview
Posted: Tuesday April 2, 2024 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is expected to permanently close this summer to make way for a new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge.


Disney announced in early January that construction on a brand-new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge in an unspecified location will begin in 2024 at Walt Disney World. Disney said the new lounge "will be a great place for members to relax and recharge during their day of fun!"

Disney has yet to publicly announce the closure of the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade or provide details of its replacement.

The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade was previously expected to close in 2021 when its operating hours were dropped from the calendar and a switch of the arcade into a free play mode. That turned out to be a false alarm, and the arcade continued to operate as normal.

It seems this time however, plans are set, and the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade's time at Magic Kingdom will come to an end pending Disney's announcement.

In addition to the possibility of a new DVC lounge, a number of changes are in store for Frontierland, including the new Country Bears Musical Jamboree opening this summer, and a likely retheme of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe into a Princess and the Frog tie-in with the nearby Tiana's Bayou Adventure. 

Disney recently said in a post on its official blog, "Hold your horses, we're not done yet. We have a lot of growth and investment planned for our theme parks in the coming years and look forward to sharing more announcements about Frontierland … so y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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JoeCamelApr 11, 2024

If they don't have fake sarsaparilla they are missing the butterbeer bet

James AlucobondApr 10, 2024

IMO, New Orleans Square taking over significant real estate makes no sense when they’ve just gone to the trouble of redoing the Country Bears with a strong Opry vibe. If they were becoming something more Louisianan, I might agree. The easiest play is to go with the Mississippi River delta as the setting for the first stage of Frontierland, keeping at least Harper’s Mill for Missouri, Country Bears for Tennessee, and Tiana’s Bayou for Louisiana. The architecture doesn’t need to change at all then, aside from a bit on the far side of Pecos Bill, which should switch to a name and food more representative of the delta, ultimately making way for a better southwestern restaurant near Big Thunder and the possible Coco attraction.

pdude81Apr 10, 2024

Now you're talking. That's the best idea you've had all day.

wedenterprisesApr 10, 2024

This will be a bar (saloon?), not a DVC lounge. There may or may not be a DVC element to it, maybe a section of it is DVC lounge, but anticipate a bar.

pdude81Apr 09, 2024

Made sure to check this out with my son on this trip. We did it briefly when they turned the arcade free for the 50th, but he didn't remember. I came out of the thing with pink eye. My wife says I actually shot my eye out. So it's bye bye, bacteria in my eye put the drops in and it burned but I had no choice, did I?

MisterPenguinApr 09, 2024

The new cut-through will be through adjoining stalls. Use #4 and turn the handle twice.

Bullseye1967Apr 05, 2024

My first visit was in 1971 and I can remember running around Ft Wilderness with my brother in our fur hats and shooting each other with cap gun rifles. The fire department sign on the wall says 125. Not sure how close they come to that.

YouMakeTheWorldGoRoundApr 04, 2024

I don’t know about Animal Kingdom but the answer for Epcot is obvious.

DisneyHead123Apr 04, 2024

I don’t think it’s thematically off putting by any means - it’s still pretty charming. And personally I’m all for preserving the early structure of the park for posterity. But if they’re looking to update something, my guess is that this area is seen as the most dated. I think they might move towards a “south of the border” theme to start incorporating Hispanic characters, as they’ve hinted at that. On the other hand, major projects seem to be on hold right now, and AK is in more dire need of new attractions. So also quite likely it stays as is for awhile, I think.

Club CooloholicApr 04, 2024

Agreed. If they wanted me to feel better they would stick another gallery on the Island, in the defunct fort.

GenChiApr 04, 2024

Ultimately don't know why people are complaining, this is pretty consistent with what people asked for from the parks. It was always doomed with having guns in the first place, but its fate was sealed more recently when people made the call on what's acceptable. And generally, Frontierland as a whole isn't to people anymore. Besides the obvious, CBJ had to be rethemed similarly, and now people here are out for Pecos' head now for removal. That leads almost nothing for a Frontierland, and with Tiana and the BBTM expansion it perhaps makes it better to retheme that ride and retire the land for New Orleans Square and whatever expansion they are cooking long-term. This can't stay if everything else is going. In replacing with a DVC lodge? There isn't one for them in-park, and the have made a great push in the last decade to make amenity offers for the timeshare holders whose spending might bring considerable income for the company and hence shareholders. Disney shareholders and fans reaffirmed this is the direction people want the parks to go with voting for Iger's board members today and supporting Iger overall last 15 years, and a lounge incentive for DVC is seen by them as a better investment long-haul then side attractions and extra entertainment. This is very consistent with Iger's actions the past 15 years at this company and should not be controversial with the community as this is what has been requested as the best future action for the park.

SquishyApr 04, 2024

ToTBellHopApr 04, 2024

Or they’ll create a virtual queueing system. Log on at 6:59 am to reserve your 4 pm Coke Zero Sugar with vanilla?

SquishyApr 04, 2024

Well if the MK one gets crowded due to more seating in a small area it won't be a pleasant experience. Complaints would follow and then a 2nd DVC thing a ma jig spawns in.