Final Shots: Last Weekend to Enjoy Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Disney World

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Frontierland Shootin' Arcade overview 2024
Posted: Saturday June 22, 2024 7:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This weekend is your last chance to experience the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom before it permanently closes at the end of June 23, 2024, to make way for a new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge.

Disney announced in early January that construction on a brand-new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge in an unspecified location will begin in 2024 at Walt Disney World. Disney said the new lounge "will be a great place for members to relax and recharge during their day of fun!" The closure of the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade was confirmed by Disney on June 13.

The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade is a classic attraction located in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Opened in 1971, this interactive experience allows guests to test their marksmanship skills in a Wild West-themed setting. The arcade features over 90 targets, each triggering different animated effects when hit. Using replica rifles, guests aim at targets such as bottles, tombstones, and animals in a detailed Old West scene. The attraction operated on a pay-per-play basis, but is now free.

In addition to the new DVC lounge, a number of changes are in store for Frontierland, including the new Country Bears Musical Jamboree opening this summer, and a likely retheme of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe into a Princess and the Frog tie-in with the nearby Tiana's Bayou Adventure. 

Disney recently said in a post on its official blog, "Hold your horses, we're not done yet. We have a lot of growth and investment planned for our theme parks in the coming years and look forward to sharing more announcements about Frontierland … so y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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DisneyFanatic128 days ago

Agreed, we should get a special colored light on the end for being DVC members!

Disney Dead Head8 days ago

only problem is I would shoot back and not with a red light

Brian8 days ago

larryz10 days ago

B&W? Pah! Nothing but the best for our DVC victims... er, members!!!

disney_NYC10 days ago

Who remembers the smaller version of the shootin’ arcade that was in the Contemporary Resort game arcade room in the early 80s? We stayed at the Polynesian in December 1981 but hit that arcade, and there it was in the back corner of the room. Only other thing I specifically remember about that arcade was that it had a fire truck driving game for two people, with one driving the back of the ladder truck. My performance was similar to Kramer’s on Seinfeld.

DCBaker11 days ago

The attraction sign has been recently removed - photo from today:

pdude8122 days ago

Sure there are other places this could have gone. But this was basically unused when you had to pay for it, and sparingly used when free. And I hope that the other unused spaces prior posters were talking about get better attractions than Freestyle machines and an XBox or two.

DisneyFanatic1222 days ago

Would it have been better if it went in an unused space? Yes. Have I seen the Shooting Arcade empty almost very singly time I walked past? Also yes.

aladdin200722 days ago

:) probably ... but I guess I meant the exterior.

TrainsOfDisney22 days ago

How dare you! They will hang up a black and white photo of Walt in a cowboy hat! Theming at its best!!!

aladdin200722 days ago

I bet they don't even make this look like it belongs in Frontierland, that's going to be the biggest problem, will see.

Beacon Joe22 days ago

I have many fond memories of the shooting gallery as a child in Disneyland, and then later at Disney World. Shooting with my parents, having competitions with my brothers. We still talk about it if we go out shooting silhouettes at the range. This removal and replacement is so flipping lame and lazy, it's mind-boggling. But it's also so downright lazy and uninspired it's to be expected. ETA: While I know my brothers and I will still occassionally reminisce until our deaths about making the ghost riders appear or making the tombstones creak or shooting the buzzards... I am perfectly certain that my own kids will never once reminisce about that halcyon day they they sat in a DVC lounge and got one "free" pack of gummy bears per hour or when they used a Coke Freestyle.

Bocabear22 days ago

Aren't there other spaces that are currently vacant that could have hosted the lounge? Wasn't there a sponsor lounge in Space Mountain, Enchanted Tiki Room, If You Had Wings? I don't know if these spaces have been converted to other things during the last 50 years, but they were there at one point...If the Pirates Bar is moving to Tortuga, why not in the old Pirate's League? While I hate to lose the shooting gallery, a DVC lounge would be much more appreciated by me and countless others. Yes! we need attractions, but the lounge would be a great perk... Hopefully we will get some new and better attractions...

disneyC9722 days ago

We typically go in summers these days (2019, 2021, 2023) Will we stop in if there isn't a long wait? Sure. Was it necessary to take out an attraction for this? No. IMO of course. Others can certainly feel differently and that's fine.