Festival of the Lion King to return to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jan 21, 2021 in "Festival of the Lion King"

Posted: Thursday January 21, 2021 3:10pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that more live entertainment will return to Walt Disney World in the summer of 2021.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom, Festival of the Lion King will be presented in a modified format. There will be adjustments to the show on stage and backstage, including updates to choreography to allow for appropriate physical distancing. Seating will also be adjusted to maintain physical distancing.

This represents a big step for the resort, as the vast majority of Walt Disney World's live entertainment has been on hold despite the theme park reopening in July 2020.

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mm5220031 days ago

I wouldn’t expect anything to change until union negotiations with vaccine mandates are complete.

Nick_A31 days ago

I unfortunately expect that date will be pushed back, because if they were switching back mid-September you’d be hearing about rehearsals by now.

Magic Feather31 days ago

I was told that mid-sept was a target to get the show back to normal, but that was admittedly pre-Delta (I also expected B&tB to come back without COVID reblocking, and we saw how that went).

drew81Aug 21, 2021

I think they’ll quietly not bring them back and run with the current show for as long as they can.

RSoxNo1Aug 21, 2021

Usually you can go in 15-20 minutes before hand without issue. On lower crowd days you can cut it even tighter. Any update on when the tumble monkeys are coming back?

jinx8402Aug 20, 2021

Depends on when you go and how the crowds are that day. AK is very dead today. We showed up 15 mins before the show and went right in and about half the auditorium was empty when the show started

arich35Aug 20, 2021

Is this just a line up an hour before show time thing? What seems to be the best practice to make sure you get in for a given showtime

JohnDJul 22, 2021

Baby steps. May not happen by 50th but full show is slowly on the way back.

MorphinePrinceJul 22, 2021

It's been performing without the monkeys since it re-opened

wdwmagicJul 22, 2021

No word on that at all yet

wdwmagicJul 22, 2021

July 31

mfortisJul 22, 2021

If it comes back without the monkeys, then they might as well just keep the lights off.

iowamomof4Jul 22, 2021

At first you say July 31, then you say August 31. Which one is it?

T.S.Jul 22, 2021

Any hints as to when the full show might return, rather than this abbreviated version?