Festival of the Lion King to return to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jan 21, 2021 in "Festival of the Lion King"

Disney has today announced that more live entertainment will return to Walt Disney World in the summer of 2021.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom, Festival of the Lion King will be presented in a modified format. There will be adjustments to the show on stage and backstage, including updates to choreography to allow for appropriate physical distancing. Seating will also be adjusted to maintain physical distancing.

This represents a big step for the resort, as the vast majority of Walt Disney World's live entertainment has been on hold despite the theme park reopening in July 2020.

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Article Posted: Jan 21, 2021 / 3:10pm ET
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MisterPenguin9 days ago

So, instead of bleach, which should be injecting ourselves with fire?

discos9 days ago

So live singers remain as Equity then but you're saying the dancers will be masked?

Magic Feather9 days ago

The live singers should remain, and will likely be some of the only massless roles (in addition to the fire eater for semi-obvious reasons).

discos9 days ago

Do you know if the show still is going through Equity with the modifications in place?

nickys31 days ago

If the Flaming Lips can do this, so can Disney. I hear this is also how they plan to bring back fireworks, parades and night-time shows. 😉 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-55804859

MansionButler84Jan 25, 2021

Actually, the savings from cutting DME and MagicBands is allowing Disney to unveil the MagicBox for every guest ages 3 and up starting in May. Here is some early Play Testing. This is the reason TRON can’t open until after the pandemic.

MisterPenguinJan 25, 2021

They have five months to install 500 plexiglass booths!

ToriJan 25, 2021

At Frozen Sing Along they count the guests coming into the show. The CMs know how many seats are available and stop letting guests in the queue when they get close to that number. Probably similar experience at FOLK.

MansionButler84Jan 25, 2021

I heard a rumor that the new WDW entrance signs will soon say, “A Taste of Walt Disney World: The Most Openest Disney Resort in America”. On exiting, “See yer money real soon!” A mile later: “No really! We need it!” 2 miles further: “Like really.” 10 miles away: “Really really.” At entrance to MCO: “Please.”

mm52200Jan 25, 2021

They’ve already said it’s called “Celebration of the Festival of the Lion King”

MousertainmentJan 25, 2021

Oh, I know. I just had to express my outrage on behalf of my beloved Tumble Monkeys! 😍 I love the bird/aerialist number and the fire dancer, too. And I probably won't go back to WDW for years (if ever now with the loss of Magical Express), so it doesn't really affect me directly. But the Tumble Monkeys will always be my favorite performers. They are pure joy. ♥️

MisterPenguinJan 25, 2021

The show will be in a modified form to begin with. I venture to say it will be "A Taste of Festival of the Lion King."

drew81Jan 25, 2021

Because seating will be limited, there will be demand to see the show and things like this have been discussed. I highly doubt they’ll want guests waiting in the queue for a show they may or may not get in till the next showtime.

HairyChestJan 24, 2021

The monkeys portion of the show was boring to me. Fire dancer and the live music is what Im there for.