Dining packages coming to Festival of the Lion King show at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Aug 01, 2018 in "Festival of the Lion King"

Posted: Wednesday August 1, 2018 2:22pm Et by WDWMAGIC Staff

Reservations begin August 2 2018 for a new Festival of the Lion King dinner package, which includes a meal at Tiffins Restaurant followed by special VIP seating at one of the most popular shows at Walt Disney World Resort.

For both dining packages (Tier I and Tier II), the package includes lunch or dinner at Tiffins Restaurant on Discovery Island. The three-course meal includes one appetizer, one entrée, one dessert, and your choice of wine, beer, or a non-alcoholic beverage.

Along with your meal, you’ll receive special vouchers for priority reserved VIP seating at Festival of the Lion King and a commemorative cast photo.

With the Tier I dining package, you’ll also get to take part in a unique safari tour through the African outback. Escorted by a special guide, you’ll ride through rugged terrain to see some of the world’s most exotic animals in their unique habitats.

The Tier I Festival of the Lion King Signature Dining Package (which includes lunch or dinner at Tiffins Restaurant, priority VIP seating at Festival of the Lion King, and a safari tour) is $99 per adult and $49 per children ages 3-9 (tax and gratuities not included).

The Tier II Festival of the Lion King Signature Dining Package (which includes lunch or dinner at Tiffins Restaurant and priority reserved seating at Festival of the Lion King) is $74 per adult and $29 for children ages 3-9 (tax and gratuities not included).

The Festival of the Lion King Signature Dining Packages are available daily starting August 13 through November 21, 2018. Reservations can be made online at the Walt Disney World Resort website or by calling (407) WDW-DINE (407 939-3463).

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Notes from NeverlandAug 23, 2018

Have we he seen any reviews on this yet? I thought for sure word would come out regarding whatever the Safari is, but I haven't seen anything.

note2001Aug 06, 2018

Oh jeeze, shows how long it's been since I've dialed either. LOL.

V_L_RaptorAug 06, 2018

411. If we're to the point that dining package announcements get anyone a 911, people seriously need to step away from their computers and take a walk or pet a puppy, or something.

SirwalterraleighAug 05, 2018

The dangerous statement (root cause) The reality The only path to evolution

Kman101Aug 05, 2018

They sure do. And many eat this stuff up. To each their own, if someone wants to pay I'm not going to judge them, it's their money, and if they're happy, great. But we're letting Disney walk all over us. It's why I finally fired off an e-mail about not including all passholders in events they do. I bet if people created a social media stink they'd change their ways. But bloggers are too busy complaining about mundane things and worrying about not getting into events so they can cover it. If they actually all got together on a common cause ... (I guess you could say the same about all of us! lol). We all complain but how few of us actually take action? Imagine if we united on something? Not saying they'd care or do anything but they do listen (as you know). And clearly they (probably some unpaid intern) read the boards.

SirwalterraleighAug 05, 2018

...no comment from the 400 level seats 🤭

note2001Aug 05, 2018

If by "other board" you are referring to the one that randomly tossed good hardworking people off of it in addition to the handful of trolls they had, then you should be aware that that site still contains the web's largest concentration of spoiled, self centered, over-priviledged white SAHM (and dads) you've ever seen. Not a good place to hang out to get the 911 on anything as they will always find ways to justify poor customer service at a higher cost to the consumer. I like to think this site has the cattle prod attitude toward those bad decisions on Disney's part, working to keep the beast away from the bad watering hole.

SirwalterraleighAug 05, 2018

Very correct...even fans of the dining plan have acknowledged its just a convenience for prepay at this juncture - not a cost savings. It is what it is - and that’s fine. The “packages” are a completely different animal. There really isn’t an intrinsic value to them...it’s just a splurge. And that’s ok too...as long as people are honest and cop to it. Even worse for the premium ticket events and some of the “tours” (the ultimate animal kingdom thing last year to pay $269 to get a fastpass for the avatar ride comes to mind...). Again...a splurge that borders on “come rob me”. But I see constant posts trying to break it out to how it’s “worth it”. It’s a mentality that I will defend castle black for...you can see where this goes on the horizon. It reeks of a new money attitude (a problem at wdw since the 80’s) that really harms everyone specifically at walt disney world. There was somebody on another board (I think from Texas) that went By “disney running girl” - or something like that - that got snippy and nasty everytime she pumped up things like after hours and the space mountain smoking area cabanas...because “her time was too valuable” No...she was just a spoiled twit...and never considered that her choices will eventually lead to me (and everyone...rest assured) paying more at citricos or for a parking spot at an overpriced hotel... ...so “till my watch has ended”

Tavernacle12Aug 05, 2018

Thanks for calling me a liar. I think I forgot to include the drinks. My point is you have to work to get the price to justify itself. If you’re not actively gaming the system you can easily lose money on the deal, which can be true of the dining plans in general.

CaptainAmericaAug 03, 2018

I don't like it for myself either. I was simply disagreeing with the characterization of it as an "upcharge" event.

larryzAug 03, 2018

Well, we all know what the 3-hour tour cost...

JohnDAug 03, 2018


SirwalterraleighAug 03, 2018

True...but those are floating targets. One reason I don’t like the dining plan or these type of things is that they make you work for it...you prepay the bill (and often lose)...but you have to stress the menu. Different strokes...I guess. You can eat well at tiffins and don’t need special seating for lion king for under $74 bucks...the case remains. ...and still don’t run over my foot with your ecv.

CaptainAmericaAug 03, 2018

The package costs $74. I overshot and got to $90. You can easily construct a lighter meal and still find value at $74, especially with beer or wine included.