Expedition Everest single rider queue temporarily unavailable

Apr 25, 2017 in "Expedition Everest"

The single rider line at Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom will be temporarily unavailable from tomorrow.

The closure of the line is planned from April 26 through to May 16, reopening to guests on May 16 2017.

During the refurbishment, the standby and FastPass lines will operate as normal.

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Article Posted: Apr 25, 2017 / 8:45am EDT
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disneygeek90Apr 25, 2017

I would assume the latter rather than the former.

djkidkazApr 25, 2017

I'm guessing this might be to expand the line considering the increase in attendance DAK is about to get they will probably need more space for people using this line.

WishStarApr 25, 2017

No worries. I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. I read to fast. EE is great fun and I love how fast the single rider line moves when we visit in mid August. It would be very disappointing to be there when the single rider line was closed.

gorillaballApr 25, 2017

No biggy - just wasn't sure if you caught that or not, and I wanted to give you a little jab :). My family and I like single rider here as well, we use it on EE more than any other ride by far.

WishStarApr 25, 2017

Yes. You're right. My apologies. I deleted my post.

Tom MorrowApr 25, 2017

I hope this is to install shade over that queue.

gorillaballApr 25, 2017

I think maybe you missed the part of his question where he said "When they close single rider..."

WishStarApr 25, 2017

If you are in the single rider line they will put you next to another single rider or next to someone who is in a group with an odd number of people (each row has only two seats). I always ride as a single rider since the rest of my family does not do "big" roller coasters. The last time I rode it I was seated next to a young guy who told me he was a roller coaster expert and travels around the country riding as many roller coasters as he can. I got a huge laugh when I saw the ride picture. I am screaming my head off and he is facing the camera grinning and pointing in a cool "hey there" pose. It was a fun moment.

neoshinokApr 25, 2017

When they close single rider, do they take odd numbered parties and sit strangers next to each other? Or do they leave empty seats next to singles or odd numbered groups? Just curious how this affects capacity.

larryzApr 25, 2017

That would make it the "Beti," right?

BoarderPhreakApr 25, 2017

In other news, the Yeti is still in "B" mode. :D

matt9112Apr 25, 2017