Last day to ride Expedition Everest at Disney World before a lengthy refurbishment begins

25 days ago in "Expedition Everest"

Posted: Monday January 3, 2022 8:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom will close tomorrow for a multi-month ride system refurbishment.

The rollercoaster will be closed from January 4 2022 until mid-April 2022. Unfortunately the closure will not see any improvements to the show, or a repair of the Yeti animatronic figure. Work will take place on the ride control system to improve reliability and performance, so expect to see lots of testing without guests during the closure.

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Sundown18 days ago

Oh, so if Martin says it (a 100% verified wealth of park knowledge and swell forum member) then people react.But when I ( a no-body, with no cred at all...haha) suggested it would be one of the three things that could almost instantly turn-around the public perception of Chapek...I get nothing?? 😅😆 Just kidding @marni1971 !

Cesar R M22 days ago

Must be unpleasant to pass thru all the digestive system to be eaten again.

EagleScout61023 days ago


macefamily23 days ago

Will the Yeti be repaired ?

ToTBellHop23 days ago

Don’t eat the yellow snow! Bad Yeti!

Squishy23 days ago

Thats modern Disney theming, the snow is getting dirty from all the expedition pollution

Tom Morrow23 days ago

They said nothing show related, but at the absolute bare minimum they need to repaint the snow peaks. They look horrible. The stretch from the 2nd lift to the broken tracks is covered with grime, rust, and yellowed.

wdwmagic23 days ago

Some will still be there at the entrance telling people it is closed. Others will be used at other attractions in that area. So many of them are out with COVID right now so it has probably come at a good time.

ToTBellHop24 days ago

Those crews will be busy with the next five paint jobs for the Cosmic Rewind exterior.

matt911224 days ago

Formal 5 train ops stuff? Vs the bypass stuff? As an aside i find it crazy thay they cant do minor show stuff at the same time. Paint and smaller stuff. Maybe make the backwards section pitch black again.

matt911224 days ago

If he gave a shit we would see that reflected....he has teams of people in PR and marketing. He could artificially be made far more likeable. But they haven't even done that. He dosen't care.

Buried20KLeague24 days ago

I’m guessing the OS would write a story about it!! ;)

Marc Davis Fan24 days ago

That'd be something worth melting for. (Sorry.) But yeah, I think the mist systems might've been an even bigger loss than the yeti. They really helped with the illusion of being high up among the ice and snow, plus they also obscured the staircases. And if they had been the CO2-based (rather than H2O-based) mist that was originally planned...

ImperfectPixie24 days ago

Or fixing Imagination.