Joe Rohde gets asked about fixing the yeti from a most unlikely source

Oct 24, 2017 in "Expedition Everest"

Posted: Tuesday October 24, 2017 10:02am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Joe Rohde revealed on Twitter yesterday that he was asked about the status of Expedition Everest's yeti from a most unlikely source -U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In later replies, he tweeted, "My answer was long" and " IS in the best interests of our country :)"

Joe Rohde is a Portfolio Creative Executive with Walt Disney Imagineering, and was the creative lead on Expedition Everest and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The Yeti, Guardian of the Mountain, is a mammoth-sized Audio-Animatronics figure with a potential thrust, in all of its hydraulic cylinders combined, of slightly over 259,000 pounds force -- potentially more instantaneous power than a 747-400 airliner.

The animatronic's motion was switched off less than a year after the ride opened in 2006 due to various unspecified structural issues around the figure.

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smileJul 26, 2018

you do know the yeti's not at bar george? in that case, i find your wd-40* excuse simply unbelievable ... bet you weren't even at the bar :rolleyes: please, geo(rge) rohde, you're our only hope! *

GeorgeJul 26, 2018

Great movie reference and a great question. I can honestly say that I have never made a joke on this message board.

geekzaJul 26, 2018

I'm totally serious... and don't call me Shirley.

larryzJul 26, 2018

Shirley, you jest!

GeorgeJul 26, 2018

Yet, another minor issue. Would you believe Home Depot doesn't take ones? Weird I know. For some reason, the wife thinks I am making this up.

GeorgeJul 26, 2018

Wait a mean its still not moving? Sorry about that. I really thought I had things sussed out. Guess I needed more WD-40.

Master YodaJul 26, 2018

He was working on it a couple of days ago. He asked me to change out a $100 bill for singles then left to go to Home Depot for a part. Haven't seen him since.:cautious:

Princess LeiaJul 26, 2018

Hey @George, how’s that yeti coming along? Fix it yet?

ctxak98Jul 18, 2018

I know for a fact when I went into March 2007 it was moving and again early June of 2007. We all talked about how we loved the yeti and how real it looked. Came back in 2008 and it was shut off. So Definitely sometime after June it was turned off.

RobotWolfJul 17, 2018

Maybe the guys who did such a great job on the west coast Yeti could provide a workable solution...

KBLovesDisneyJul 17, 2018

When are you going to fix that yeti? Now?

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJul 17, 2018

How about? There IS no Yeti :). Consider building one :).

Phil12Jul 17, 2018

Professortango1Jul 17, 2018

HAHAHA! Joe Rohde also told us Mission BO's gift shop and exit area would reflect the chaos that we caused. And that the foundation around the attraction would change to make it look like the building landed there. I like Joe, but talk is cheap, and Disney can be as well.