Reign of Fire a possible theme for the new attraction

Sep 19, 2001 in "Expedition Everest"

Posted: Wednesday September 19, 2001 by WDWMAGIC Staff
As promised here are some more details of the new land and MAJOR attraction heading for Animal Kingdom

  • The Story, Ride System and Land layout have been finalised
  • Designs include an entire new Land, and a new major E-ticket THRILL attraction
  • The Eride attraction has a budget in excess of $120 million
  • The attraction is currently being steered to have a tie-in with the upcoming movie "Reign of Fire" but may be subject to change depending on the movie's success
  • Details on the upcoming movie can be found here
  • The Ride System is a track layout, but it remains unclear as to whether this will be a coaster, or a "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" type ride system
  • A high proportion of the ride is to take place outside (a quarter of it will be indoors)
  • The finale of the ride includes a large drop, and high G manoeuvres
Remember, as always with these things, until officially announced everything is subject to change, but the above describes how things are right now, and I can also say that this news carries a lot more weight than previous news on the BK subject has.

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