NFL Pro Bowl Week arrives at ESPN Wide World of Sports and Disney Springs

Jan 25, 2017 in "ESPN Wide World of Sports"

Some of the biggest names in the NFL will be at Walt Disney World this week, part of the NFL Pro Bowl taking place at Camping World Stadium on Sunday.

At ESPN Wide World of Sport, AFC and NFC team practices will be held Wednesday through Saturday, and are free and open to the public, but fans can register for priority access.

You can also attend the NFL Pro Bowl Experience, a family-friendly football fan festival at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex with interactive games and activities. There’s also the “taste of the town” tailgate which brings food trucks filled with selections from Disney’s theme parks and restaurants.

Disney Springs will be hosting the Pro Bowl Bash where NFL cheerleaders and team mascots will take over Disney Springs Marketplace on Saturday, from 4 – 7pm.

ESPN Radio/ESPN2’s “Mike & Mike” show will broadcast live from Disney Springs on Thursday and Friday, from 6 – 10am. ESPN’s “NFL Live” will also broadcast live from Disney Springs on Thursday and Friday, from 3 – 4pm.

Guests can be part of a live audience (seating is limited). Park in the Lime Garage and meet at the fountain across from UNIQLO for further directions, and arrive no more than 60 minutes prior to the broadcast start time.

Over at Epcot, there is the very first NFL Pro Bowl 5K Run on Saturday morning. You can still register for the $49 run.

Finally at the Magic Kingdom Park on Friday afternoon, four Pro Bowl team captains will take a trip down Main Street, U.S.A. during a special Pro Bowl parade with Mickey and friends.

Learn more about the Pro Bowl event at

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Article Posted: Jan 25, 2017 / 6:30am EST
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RSoxNo1Jan 31, 2017

That's just Eli's face.

PuertoRekinSamJan 31, 2017

Oh one more thing... no corrals, which means a lot of walkers who didn't quite understand runners etiquette near the front.

PuertoRekinSamJan 30, 2017

Yep. No fireworks, no Disney Characters, No live Anthem and the worst part, No Rudy Novatny(announcer). There was a nice medal, one water stop, Trey Wingo and Carissa (announcer... the don't know her last name)

RteetzJan 30, 2017

Blog Mickey did. I heard it was the same 5K course at the runDisney ones but with 0 entertainment. The medals look nice though.

tribbleorlflJan 30, 2017

Does anyone have a write-up of the 5k? I didn't see a thread in the Run Disney forum. Just curious how it was compared to the Run Disney events as it's my understanding that while it was in Epcot, it was put on by the NFL and not Run Disney. Were there players present for photos along the course like characters at the Disney 5k's? Were players running along w/ the participants?

bhg469Jan 30, 2017

Eli patented the pouty play on draft day! Brady wears uggs though. Something tells me if Eli or Peyton showed up to thanksgiving in Uggs, Archie would turn to Cooper and tell him he gets the #2 son spot.

RSoxNo1Jan 30, 2017

He definitely does, but now a days that happens so often in football, be it a receiver calling for interference or a QB saying they got an owie. I definitely recognize that Brady and Manning made this type of whining acceptable.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 28, 2017

That's a park to avoid at all costs...Having been there during this time of the month with any sporting parade your better off at Epcot....

bhg469Jan 28, 2017

You make many valid points.

PuertoRekinSamJan 28, 2017

I still give the GOAT to Johnny U. And the reason is to be the greatest, you need to have fundamentally changed the way the game is played. The man basically invented the 2 minute drill during "the greatest game ever played" and put the NFL on the map. Brady is good, but he is standing on the shoulders of legends. Not to mention I met the man multiple times after his playing days were over; one of the most genuine down to earth guys you'd ever meet. A real class act... and that is something I don't the Brady could ever hold a candle too.

bhg469Jan 28, 2017

No Doubt. Greatest of all time but he does have tantrums and they are amazing to watch, especially when he's on the losing side of the scoreboard.

RSoxNo1Jan 27, 2017

I got to thank Pedro Martinez in person and tell him it was a privilege to watch him play. I hope to have the same opportunity with Brady.

RSoxNo1Jan 27, 2017

It takes two Manning's to equal one Brady. Honestly, if not for that family his career numbers would be even more impressive.

Next Big ThingJan 27, 2017

Drew Brees, Justin Tucker, Greg Olsen, Emmanuel Sanders, Aqib Talib, Demaryius Thomas, etc. All very accessible at points thoughout the day as you mentioned.