NFL Pro Bowl Week comes to Walt Disney World

Jan 22, 2018 in "ESPN Wide World of Sports"

Posted: Monday January 22, 2018 10:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando gets underway January 24 2018 for a week-long celebration of all levels of football, from youth to high school to the NFL, kicking off at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

NFL AFC and NFC Team Practices

Catch your favorite AFC and NFC players as they prepare for the game at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, the official practice site for the Pro Bowl. Practices are free and open to the public but fans can register for priority access. To attend practice, fans must register for Fan Mobile Pass in the Pro Bowl - Fan Mobile Pass app or on

NFL Pro Bowl Experience

Check out the NFL Pro Bowl Experience at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, a free, interactive fan zone with fun activities for the whole family. Fans will be closer to the action with new activities, immersive exhibits, and sponsor activations. Opens daily at 10am January 24 – 27 2018.

Fun Run Series

Round up the family for the Pro Bowl Fun Run Series at the Track & Field Complex at ESPN Wide World of Sports on Saturday January 27 2018. Featuring distances for football fans of all ages, plus a unique Finisher Medallion, a commemorative item, special entertainment and other surprises, this is an event you won't want to miss! Register Today

Championship Games

Take a seat and watch NFL FLAG and Punt, Pass and Kick National Championship games at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Pro Bowl Game Tickets

To purchase tickets to the NFL Pro Bowl Game on January 28 2018 at Camping World Stadium, please visit

NFL All Star Pep Rally at Disney Springs

The All Star Pep Rally will take place at Disney Springs on the Marketplace Stage from 4pm - 7pm, Saturday January 27 2018.

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Cmdr_CrimsonJan 26, 2018

It will air on both ESPN and ABC..

larryzJan 26, 2018

Is the Pro Bowl on ABC this year?

Next Big ThingJan 26, 2018

Thanks, I was searching for what exactly it was all about and why Brees, Roethlisberger and Russel Wilson all decided to go to Disney World at the same time ;)

Biff215Jan 23, 2018

Cool that Disney hosts this but I agree that it's misplaced both on the calendar and the map. I don't see where anyone cares any more that this is held before the Super Bowl, and Orlando does seem like a major downgrade from Hawaii, regardless of the previous attendance there. The game itself is pointless and risks injury, so why not just go with the awards ceremony they already have and call it a day? As much as I love Disney, I still don't see a reason to watch this game, even if I happened to be in Orlando for it. To each their own though.

RSoxNo1Jan 23, 2018

Explanation for Patriots fans... the Pro Bowl is an event that features players on those other teams that don’t go to the Super Bowl every year.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 22, 2018

And it's the park you want to avoid going to that day..

bhg469Jan 22, 2018

Lots of people did, because the players who were invited actually showed up

John park hopperJan 22, 2018

I'm with you ----I could careless about the NFL- even less when they disrespect the flag and they are paid far more than they are worth

NearTheEarsJan 22, 2018

The players are already rewarded handsomely. And the stadium in Hawaii was barely half full. Last year seemed like a big a success. Plus many of the players have families and I’m sure their kids would vote for a week at Disney over a week in Hawaii. I do agree it should be moved to after the Super Bowl, though. If the game ever did end, I really wouldn’t care. Even though they don’t play hard, there’s still and injury risk.

BoltJan 22, 2018

But who really would watch after the Super Bowl?

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 22, 2018

Very true...It's just I've been coming in Jan/Feb for the past 6 or so years and it wasn't that bad with the Cheerleading competitions during the time they use to take over the Indy stunt show arena adding the mix of tour groups and the Super Bowl weekend when the winners come to MK it was not that bad except the middle of the week and family's start coming for the weekend...I'm a solo traveler and I like my time there to be the best it can be..

DisneyOutsiderJan 22, 2018

That's fine, but I'm sure if you decided to visit the parks during these events then you won't be negatively impacted, as these all take place at either Wide World of Sports and Disney Springs. I don't think it's fair to expect everything that TDO does to appeal to each of our personal interests.

bhg469Jan 22, 2018

Even when I didn't watch football much, I really looked forward to the skills competitions. It was some incredible stuff, and it really showed why these guys were professional athletes.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 22, 2018

I'm not a fan of sports......So it's doing nothing for me...