ESPN Wide World of Sports Jostens Center to change name

Feb 08, 2017 in "ESPN Wide World of Sports"

The Jostens Center at ESPN Wide World of Sports will be changing its name later this month.

The multi-sport fieldhouse will become the J Center, with sponsor Jostens completing its contract for naming rights.

The center includes space for six college-size basketball courts, or 12 regulation-size volleyball courts, and is frequently used for runDisney Expo events.

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Article Posted: Feb 08, 2017 / 8:12am EST
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Next Big ThingMar 03, 2017

Name change officially made:

AndyS2992Feb 09, 2017

Definately a 10 year deal, those photobooks can't have been very lucrative for them to bail rather than renew.

BoltFeb 09, 2017

They also use to create all the PhotoPass books for Disney. This announcement was almost 10 years to the day, wonder if that's only a coincidence.

asianwayFeb 08, 2017

This reeks of an extension being negotiated

BoltFeb 08, 2017

Pretty sure 'ESPN Sports Center' would be the most confusing name for a building as they have quite a few other 'sports centers' there.

dreamfinderFeb 08, 2017

I believe sold of the older runDisney medals were tagged Jostens on the back. But I think in this case they were going more for the cheer/youth sports that use the venue. People who might buy class rings and such.

AndyS2992Feb 08, 2017

The sponsorship deal is over, yet people will ask what does the 'J' stand for and people will say 'Jostens' so the name will still be attached without them paying a penny. Surely something like 'ESPN Sports Center' or something would be much better..

asianwayFeb 08, 2017

Never understood this particular partnership. They never did cobranded merch, right? I think they produced some gifts for 20 year perfect runners a ring of some sort that's it