EPCOT opening moves to new timeslot ahead of Disney's Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Feb 28, 2022 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT rope drop June 8 2021
Posted: Monday February 28, 2022 9:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT will begin opening at 8:30am February 28 2022 for day guests, and 8:00am for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests.

The latest calendar changes mean that EPCOT will no longer be the last park of the day to open for at least the next two weeks, with Disney's Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom opening at 9am.

The change to the schedule was made rather last minute, with the park originally scheduled to open at 10am today. The 8:30am opening times are currently scheduled for February 28 through March 19 2022. After which EPCOT reverts to its 10am opening time.

The EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival opens Wednesday, and Spring break gets underway for parts of the country.

With Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic rewind expected to officially open by Memorial Day weekend and the anticipated boost in attendance, we may very well see more of these 8:30am openings throughout the summer season.

You can view the latest Walt Disney World operating hours on the WDWMAGIC Calendar.

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wdwmagicMar 07, 2022

EPCOT's early opening ahead of Magic Kingdom gets extended along with more hours at the other parks during late March 2022 https://www.wdwmagic.com/other/operating-hours/news/07mar2022-epcots-early-opening-ahead-of-magic-kingdom-gets-extended-along-with-more-hours-at-the-other-parks-during-late-march-2022.htm

PlaneCrazy1978Mar 02, 2022

And Garden Grill!

aladdin2007Mar 02, 2022

Its a mess back there all day now, they need to do something its really become a bottle neck. No tables inside or out, yes a few on the left inside but nowhere near whats needed. And that toddler show that spills out into it isn't helping. They have turned what use to be nice areas into all day mayhem. I think that merch in there needs to be moved out, put more tables in, and reconfigure the preschool show exit off the to far side as much as possible.

JoeCamelMar 02, 2022

Maintenance might have something to say about that, these parks are 50 years old or so I'm told and take a lot of special people and time to keep them safe and operating, or so I'm told.

ToTBellHopMar 02, 2022

Every day is Mimosa Monday on vacation!!

TikibirdLandMar 02, 2022

great to hear EPCoT opening early. Now, you'll be able to walk WS without running into the drunks. Guess they could start early. But, hopefully, they're too hung over to get up that early!

ToTBellHopMar 01, 2022


wutisgoodMar 01, 2022

Every park should be open from 8 to midnight most days of the year. Disney could start all wages above 15 an hour too and still make plenty of money.

mattpetoMar 01, 2022

Ah... Not for pre-park opening correct?

ToTBellHopMar 01, 2022

La Crêperie already opens for breakfast.

networkproMar 01, 2022

Its literally a rental lounge with no public access or service.

LilofanMar 01, 2022

I loved Akershus lunch buffet , all u can eat cold herring etc, an acquired taste . I don't know if it is still a buffet. Never tried the location at breakfast.

mattpetoMar 01, 2022

Yes. Also time to bring back Akershus and add Le Creperie as a breakfast option.

Horizons '83Mar 01, 2022

Be prepared for long lines at Les Halles. Just got back from a 1 day'er at Epcot and it was nearly 30 minutes to get to the counter, looked even worse when we left. Nothing says magic like eating off a trash can :)