New walkway through World Celebration opens at EPCOT ahead of Connections Cafe's upcoming opening

Mar 24, 2022 in "EPCOT"

New Walkway linking the main entrance to Connections Cafe and Creations Shop
Posted: Thursday March 24, 2022 8:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new walkway opened earlier this week at EPCOT, allowing guests to once again walk through the center of the park from the main entrance.


Watch the video below to take a POV walk along the new pathway. (4K YouTube).

The new walkway passes alongside Spaceship Earth, past guest relations, and in front of the upcoming Connections Cafe and new Creations Shop.

Taking this new path allows guests to get up close to one of the five entrances to Connections Cafe, which opens this spring.

The temporary backstage bypass behind guest relations and along the side of Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is now closed.

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Epcot82Guy9 days ago

Totally. Truth be told, these aren't the biggest offenders in the project. They seem to suffer more from the "details" vs. "themed" issue we see in many new projects. There are stories upon stories in the lofty towers of WDI. But, they aren't implemented in a way that most people get. They are very detailed, and there are reasons for many of the choices (some of which are very good). But, given all the iterations of design, they get lost in the final product. By way of comparison... - I think Steakhouse 71 and Dahlia Lounge are modern spaces, but they feel much more successfully themed. - Riviera, Connections/Creations, Beaches & Cream, Confectionary - all feel nice and updated - but they aren't that well themed. -Most World Showcase restaurants and shops aren't necessarily updated, but very, very well themed (not you, Creperie...)

Bocabear9 days ago

LOL! exactly my point! lol What made the Disney parks so engaging is they created environments that were unlike anywhere else...not Anywhere

Epcot82Guy10 days ago

I won't lie - an America Express add appeared right below this on my computer, advertising airport lounge access. The lounge image had tall white walls and a blue logo in neon on the wall. I thought it was an image you had posted from Epcot, and my first reaction was "When did they add a bar to Connections?" 😆

Bocabear10 days ago

I like what they have done in terms of bringing Creations interior and Connections. They are bright and clean spaces...more like they were sort of envisioned at the beginning...before the 90s makeover. That said, the aesthetic is not could have been a little more special, but it is nicer than Electric Umbrella, but maybe lacks that Disney Touch... It is nice, but kind of feels like a current day airport.

tparris10 days ago

I should mention I actually sort of like the new aesthetics of the CC East building and what will become World Celebration, so this overheard conversation was quite eye opening for me.

tparris10 days ago

Just posted this in another thread, but I felt I should post it here as well.

aladdin200710 days ago

all this world of nature world of whatever stuff, I don't think is exciting anyone nor are people going to bother follwing it, they are just pandering for justification of the mess they are making. Renaming the entire area Discovery World would have worked just fine. just my opinion on it, if anyone here does like the neighborhood names stuff then your welcome to enjoy it.

WDWFREAK5310 days ago

I guess... It all comes down to preference. Personally I'd much rather have some unique architecture that serves multiple purposes (the festival center) over an open-sided stage. Dreamer's Point seems to have become just a Walt statue rather than it's own little area with the Wishing Tree. Wasn't there originally an outdoor eating area planned as well? I just don't see how we have improved. It was a giant expanse of concrete but with a great Fountain and symmetry....and now we have planters, a stage, and a Walt statue and the symmetry is gone. I do think Creations and Connections is an improvement over MouseGear and Electric Umbrella so at least the aesthetic is improving.

Andrew C10 days ago

It revolves around magic and a magical house?

lazyboy97o10 days ago

It offers a stage where you can see and hear what is happening there. That’s more than a big concrete plaza with a concrete roof. It’s not very good and I would be surprised to one day see the north side of the stage blocked, but it’s something happening at the ground level.

WDWFREAK5310 days ago

What exactly does the current spline plan offer? Maybe I missed it. Journey of Water is part of World Nature. Looks like they are building a stage and an area for a meet and greet. The rest appears to be nice planters and lighting.

lazyboy97o11 days ago

You’re reading into the art a level of difference that isn’t really there. Unless you were really into small hilly walkways the current plan offers more activity at grade instead of hiding it away on an upper floor of a festival center.

WDWFREAK5311 days ago

It really is amazing how much has been cut. I'm not saying the original concept art was great or anything, but at least it appeared as if they had a plan. The festival center tabletop building felt like old Epcot to me. Architecturally-speaking it wasn't just a facade in front of a warehouse. Dreamer's Point had the wishing tree...because that's what dreamers do...they wish. Even the magenta pathway seemed like it was purposefully done (although we don't know for sure why). Whether you liked that design or idea or not, at least they were making the spine a place that you could go, relax, and it is just a bunch of planters, a stage put in a weird spot, and trees.

22FLknight11 days ago

Why put Encanto in Magic Kingdom instead of EPCOT? And come on. Coco fits perfectly with the Mexico pavilion. Why put Coco at the Magic Kingdom? What’s up with the hodge podged Blue Sky concept of cramming these IPs into Magic Kingdom. The theming of these films fit more at EPCOT.