New EPCOT color palette comes to the entrance of the Spaceship Earth restrooms

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New color scheme around Spaceship Earth bathrooms
Posted: Wednesday July 14, 2021 12:19pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The brightly colored new EPCOT color palette has made its way to the restrooms on either side of Spaceship Earth.

Following a similar design to the new main entrance ticket area, we see various bright pops of color.

The western side features a yellow green and blue palette, and on the eastern side, purple, pink and red.

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RSoxNo152 minutes ago

J.J. Abrahms would be proud.

Crazydisneyfanluke3 hours ago

It's the new beacon of light show! ;)

G00fyDad5 hours ago

Disney Analyst6 hours ago

I think they could get it a bit brighter. We need more power Scotty!

mightynine6 hours ago

EeyoreFan#247 hours ago

What happens when the Epcot sun gets into the Epcot black hole next door. UOEs revenge!

mightynine8 hours ago

So that's how they are going to hide the barges and stargate, by blinding you upon entry!

michmousefan8 hours ago

Looks like half a Pepsi logo. Thankfully Club Cool is a Coke thing, don't want anyone to get any ideas...

ImperfectPixie9 hours ago


wdwmagic9 hours ago

Yeah the camera has just blown all that out. Don’t think any conclusion can be made about anything from that shot, other than half of them turn on lol

ctrlaltdel9 hours ago

Disney has built the ultimate weapon, and it's been right in front of us this whole time...

Thelazer9 hours ago

Led's at full power are bright as hell... especially if they have a narrow lens.

G00fyDad10 hours ago

I think that person's camera has the settings all wonky or it is too far away for a clear shot and the lights are blurred together making it look like that. I bet it looks amazing up close.

dreday310 hours ago

The Mothership. Beckoning us home. 👽