Exploratory geotechnical borings for new Epcot retention pond suggest new projects are in the works

Oct 13, 2017 in "EPCOT"

Exploratory Geotechnical Borings for Epcot NW Pond
Posted: Friday October 13, 2017 12:29pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a recent permit filing shown above, Disney is conducting "Exploratory Geotechnical Borings for Epcot NW Pond" in an area near to the recently opened solar power farm.

Although this permit is only for exploratory work, it does suggest that something is being planned in that general area that will require significant modifications to the water management process.

We know that Disney is embarking on a major redevelopment of Epcot, but much of this work will be taking place in existing areas of the park, that would seem unlikely to require changes to water management. 

Disney continues to be in the business of opening new resorts, and there has been speculation over the last few years that a new Epcot resort is indeed in the long term plans.

The recent announcement of the Star Wars resort suggests that hotels being close to the parks is in Disney's current design philosophy, and a hotel near the Epcot entrance would seem at least plausible. So could the next Disney 360 hotel be heading to Epcot?

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HauntedMansionFLAOct 10, 2018

EPCOTCenterLoverOct 10, 2018

The fact that Future World's thrills will lie on one side of the park is a concern. I hope there are plans for more traditional Epcot dark rides there to balance it out.

ChrisFLOct 10, 2018

1. and 2. yes, but they can still showcase products already on the market. Innoventions was a good platform for that, and even that has been abandoned. The big change was the marketing landscape. A faster, easier marketing that can reach globally via the internet was not possible in 1982, but ironically predicted at EPCOT Center and I believe mostly what led to it's sponsorship downfall. 4. Disney management completely changed from when EPCOT Center first opened only a couple of years later and their focus also changed. I think we're very lucky we got The Living Seas at all (though to take traffic away from Sea World I guess they considered it worth it....all speculation on my part)

Horizons '83Oct 10, 2018

Its good to see you back btw. I actually do mean that. Its refreshing that even though we don't agree you aren't calling names at others posters because they don't agree, its usually just a good conversation for the most part. I agree it was tough for Disney to keep up with the Tech advances, but there were countless of opportunities they had to improve some of the dated tech. Tech-wise UoE wasn't outdated. While the film and dialogue had aged, the ride system, show, diorama and animatronics were not. They simply needed the occasional refurbishment/investment to keep them up to date.

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

Possibly not. But not imminently. As far as I know.

HauntedMansionFLAOct 10, 2018

No more festival center? ;) AFAIK?

jt04Oct 10, 2018

1. Tech advances exponentially faster that it did in 1982 2. Theft of IP is a growing threat as global competition increases 3. Because of point 1. And 2., companies will not be willing to share their R&D in a public setting. They are even abandoning Tech fairs. 4. Disney gave up trying to stay ahead of advances at FW awhile ago because it wasn't feasible. It is even more of a challenge now. If not impossible. The only possible change I could see happening is a different IP being chosen because GOTG is in development heck. But I would guess it is too late to change tracks. Pun intended because this is a Disney forum.

Horizons '83Oct 10, 2018

Hopefully the shutter it before 2032 to make way for something that actually fits the original intent of the park.

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

jt04Oct 10, 2018

Future World needs a 2032 plan not an MK 50th anniversary plan. If they want to sink money into Epcot for the MKs 50th then WS seems a more logical place. GotG is in my opinion a great first step towards 2032.

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

AFAIK it’s still being eyeballed as potentially using it properly.

peter11435Oct 10, 2018

Just marvel, or is there no hope for Wonders now?

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

Just as a blot on the landscape. Marvel expansion into Wonders has been shelved.

HauntedMansionFLAOct 10, 2018

Does that mean Guardians could take over WoL. I know it was discussed a while back. Or do you mean the budget $$??