Removal of the remainder of Leave a Legacy to begin this week at Epcot

Aug 05, 2019 in "EPCOT"

The last remaining eastern side of Leave a Legacy at Epcot's main entrance will be removed this week as part of the ongoing work at the park.

New pathways, sweeping green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain will all be part of the new look, and as part of this new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will move into a new setting just outside the park's gateway. While the photos will be staying, the granite columns will not be part of the new display.

Construction is taking place in phases, and the new Leave a Legacy will be ready in 2020. 

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Article Posted: Aug 05, 2019 / 8:25am ET
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Bocabear1 hour ago

Having the restored entrance plaza with working fountain is enough to make me happy... Now what happens beyond the sphere is more of a

The Rocketeer2 hours ago

They added palms in front of the Chinese theatre back in 2015 when the removed the hat so I wouldn't rule it out. I wouldn't expect it either though 😂

Bocabear6 hours ago

I agree...So excited to see this in person and lit like the old pylons were... Cant wait to see the plaza fully reopened and the fountain running... I wish the plan included the super tall palms...They added some much needed scale to the Sphere...Accentuated it's height and worked as a beautiful framing mechanism...

Figments Friend17 hours ago

Seeing this in person, it looks nice. The new 'Crystal pylons' however....stunning in person. Looks like the protective braces that were holding them in place were least it looked that way when I saw them yesterday. These will look beautiful lit from under....which I'm assuming will be done similar to the originals. So pleased with the new entrance thus far. Such a improvement from just a year ago. Beyond that.....past those construction walls behind 'Spaceship Earth'... Um.... -

MisterPenguin1 day ago

That looks pretty nice!

trainplane31 day ago

nickys2 days ago

Are you new here? Good luck with that! 😂😂

MisterPenguin2 days ago

I was just redirecting traffic from the entrance to the hub. ;)

nickys2 days ago

The discussion for the last few pages has pretty much been Communicore / Innoventions. If they are part of the park entrance, so is / was FoN. Just saying. 😉

MisterPenguin3 days ago

Sir, this is a Wendy's.

nickys3 days ago

With all the uncertainty about what they’ll do with the Innoventions area, what will replace the bar stool on legs Festival centre etc, what is the current thinking on the FoN replacement fountain? I can’t even remember what was planned before, was there any detailed concept art for it?

tparris3 days ago

Ironic with the amount of signage they’re knocking out of the park

999th Happy Haunt3 days ago

Say what you want about the whole overhaul they’ve been knocking it out of the park with the signage

trainplane34 days ago