New guidemap shows the new neighborhood layout of EPCOT

18 days ago in "EPCOT"

Posted: Monday October 4, 2021 9:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new EPCOT guidemap released on October 1 at the start of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary shows the new neighborhoods of EPCOT as the park continues its redevelopment.

In place of Future World, the new map shows the neighborhoods of World Celebration, World Discovery and World Nature. World Showcase remains as before.

Interestingly, the map continues to show the previously announced PLAY! pavilion in World Discovery. PLAY! received no mentions during the recent media updates, despite the adjacent Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind being confirmed to open in 2022.

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Casper Gutman10 hours ago

Well, it ran up against the pandemic because WDW let EPCOT stagnate for two decades. And closing the entire plaza rather then working on it in chunks, as the folks here are suggesting, was a choice made before the pandemic. It’s funny how everybody else, including WDW guests, are expected to deal with the fallout from the pandemic - little entertainment, spotty housekeeping, no parking trams, etc. - but it’s absurd to think the humongous multinational corporation might have to adapt by reducing prices or paying more then they want in salaries and materials. Once again, some folks seem to think the guest should serve WDW, not vice versa. If Disney wants to keep charging full price, it needs to build aggressively or scrap the plan and reopen with temporary infrastructure. Period. Oh, and it takes a lot of guts to accuse paying guests at a neglected and broken park of demanding “instant gratification.”

Unbanshee11 hours ago

No Probably an unscrupulous source because the model is NOT back

HauntedMansionFLA16 hours ago


MisterPenguin17 hours ago

The model of the building is back (outside the 360 show)?

Rose&Crown17 hours ago

Oh boyyyyy

mikejs7817 hours ago

The table on stilts?

Nthderivative17 hours ago

It's back in the preview center.

peter1143517 hours ago

Yes…. But when this project was planned they didn’t anticipate a global pandemic. The closure of worldwide operations. A shutdown of all construction. Massive staffing challenges when construction would resume. And a global supply chain crisis delaying everything. Under the original plan the scale and length of this project would have been significantly different. The DCA project would have had a much different impact if it was being accomplished in today’s climate too.

Walt d17 hours ago

Oh” finally Kelly Slater wave pool this is great can’t wait to go surfing!!!!

ZachPL17 hours ago

I'm really worried of what the festival center is going to become now.

peter1143517 hours ago

Parts of it will be

Mstr Gra-c18 hours ago

Yes and a labor shortage and a completely crap supply chain...I understand people are desirous of instant gratification but cmon man...they will get it done when they get it done. If its not good enough for you...dont go!

MisterPenguin18 hours ago

Now imagine if there was also a world wide pandemic happening at the same time!! ;)

fgmnt19 hours ago

I think the fact that there is no known exit ramp to get out of the fiasco resulting from the cancellation of the giant barstool is worthy of criticism. Is there any reason to believe the hub will be open by 10/1/22?