Future World East restrooms beneath Spaceship Earth reopen from refurbishment

Dec 01, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World East restroom reopening - November 26 2020

The Future World east restrooms underneath Spaceship Earth on the left hand side as you enter have reopened from the refurbishment that began in September.

The interior has been remodeled, with new tile, fixture and Dyson AirBlade dryers. This completes the refurbishment of all the bathrooms in Future World east.

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Article Posted: Dec 01, 2020 / 9:40am ET
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marni19716 hours ago

By far. The “three level festival centre“ tag is a load of old tosh too. An empty ground level. A small middle floor. And an “exclusive“ bar on the roof. Idiots. This and the lagoon are two of the biggest mistakes in theme park planning since the wannabes graduated.

marni19716 hours ago

The original plan was to have a matching, revitalised west building until someone got an agenda going.

hpyhnt 10009 hours ago

Eh, even if the festival building had happened as planned, there was still going to be a lot of empty walkway and grass where there once was indoor guest space and exhibits. Plus, hasn’t it been said the proposed building would have less useable floor space than the buildings it replaced? And the Moana area isn’t worth demolishing a perfectly good building in my opinion; should’ve stuck that between The Seas and The Land where it made more sense. Still, pandemic or no pandemic, point is the makeover of East is on track to be done this year(?), open for guests and generating revenue at a fraction of the cost compared to West, which is still years away from completion to maybe get us a less practical building at a much higher cost.

Horizons19 hours ago

What makes it so hard to believe? Look at how they’ve dismantled what was one of the most unique theme parks in the world, just to make it more bland. I’m sorry, I meant more “Disney”.

Figments Friend10 hours ago

That would be......fitting. Still can't beleive they are trashing it. Idiots..... -

SplashZander10 hours ago

For my own curiosity, http://www.strawpoll.me/42454798

MisterPenguin10 hours ago

Well, yeah. The original plan was for them to turn around and see a futuristic three-tiered festival building, not an open plain of booths. But, you know, a worldwide pandemic happened. Incidentally, an insider has said that the 3-tier festbuilding is back in the mix as a possibility. Thus the open field of booths rather than a plain building done on the cheap to leave their options open.

hpyhnt 100012 hours ago

I suspect a lot of folks, after seeing the Communicore East buildings (finally) cleaned up and modernized, are going to turn around and look at the still empty field that was the western half and maybe (finally) realize demolishing that side wasn't such a great idea after all.

aladdin200719 hours ago

maybe? but I worry its going to be no different than town center at disney springs.

Figments Friend20 hours ago

So after all these years, they have finally realized how much better it is to have those glass panels open and exposed....letting in light as the building was originally designed to do. Despite the carnage of seeing these buildings demolished and restructured, seeing those glass panels appear again is a plus. A little bit of Communicore's legacy lives on.... -

gerarar3 days ago

Wall installation begins/continues (I don’t think it’s been pointed or mentioned here yet)

montyz813 days ago

This is the area where the IBM briefing center was next to the IBM Think exhibit. I used to run full day product briefings in that meeting space during the Lotusphere conference. It is very sad to see this space complete removed. I know it isn’t original Communicore, but this experience of working inside Epcot was one that I will never forget. Such a bummer this is gone!