PHOTO - New temporary roadway at the Buena Vista Drive entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jan 24, 2018 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Temporary entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios from Buena Vista Drive
Posted: Wednesday January 24, 2018 9:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new temporary road and auto-plaza is now open at the secondary entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Pictured above a few days ago before the new auto-plaza was opened, you can see the new two lane road running along side the existing entrance road.

When arriving from Buena Vista Drive (opposite Disney's BoardWalk Resort), Walt Disney World busses use the far right lane, with guests using the left lane of the new road.

The work is being done as part of a wide range of improvements to the roadways and parking lots at Disney's Hollywood Studios, part of the park's redevelopment that will include Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

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JoeCamelNov 27, 2020

A two porta-pottie job! Outstanding!

WDWtravelerNov 08, 2020

Photo update as of Sunday, November 8, 2020. Landscaping continues on the new large berm along World Drive. This berm hides the backstage of Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios and is where the original auto entrance used to be at Hollywood Studios (under an overpass bridge that used to be here). Similar to other newly landscaped areas along World Drive, a variety of smaller plants are being added under the trees already planted on this berm. Finally, a layer of mulch (dark area on right) is being added. The area is fully irrigated with underground pipes. This photo was taken on the "Animal Kingdom" exit ramp from World Drive. World Drive appears on the extreme left of this photo (purple signage in distance).

rle4lunchOct 26, 2020

Its the same at DLs Grand Californian and DL Resort, two of the highest priced Disney properties in the world. I'd venture to say even worse than any of the premium resorts in WDW. It certainly didn't affect what I thought of the rest of each of those resorts, or Kidanis neither. Maybe people should choose to valey if they're put off by concrete? Because you KNOW what you'd get at wdw with a themed garage right? Some plywood that was painted green and cut to look like some half a**ed bush, placed around the electrical boxes and cartoon giraffes pointing which way to go with their necks and heads....

BocabearOct 22, 2020

I would have to agree...even if they just did a little to make it feel a bit nicer... Doesn't have to look like you are parking in a tribal hut, but a nice place...

halltdOct 22, 2020

Nope. I'm sure at one point it was there and then got cut to save other more important things. It's just unfortunate.

marni1971Oct 22, 2020

It wouldn’t have been too hard would it?

rle4lunchOct 21, 2020

eh ok. i just wrote a long reply, but it got deleted somehow. not gonna waste my energy writing it again. lol.

halltdOct 21, 2020

Except it’s your arrival to a super expensive resort. Covering up concrete block and all the exposed pipes is all they needed to do. That way it didn’t look like you’re arriving to the utilidors instead of your home away from home. It’s called design and one of the big reasons people love Disney.

J4546Oct 21, 2020

that new mickey and friends parking structure at california disneyland is pretty nice, for a parking structure. Though I always parked in the neighborhoods a block away to avoid paying 25 bucks to park

rle4lunchOct 21, 2020

I could give 2 poops about a semi-underground parking garage and it's 'theming'. It's a garage.. For parking. what do you want, cgi monkeys swinging from spot to spot? I was mainly referring to the overall space savings it gives the hotel footprint. there's always that one person who has to show up with their dissenting view, but of a parking garage? lol. I appreciate the laugh though.

halltdOct 21, 2020

ACK!!!!!! The parking at Kidani is hideous at best. It reminds me of a builder-grade vacation condo in South Carolina with all the utilities exposed, concrete block, etc.... So, so, so, bad!

Monorail_Red_77Oct 19, 2020

That Kidani ground level garage is a tight squeeze. Especially that roundabout at the end. When you look at Kidani, the whole first floor is the parking garage. Also has an outside traditional parking area as well up against the building in spots.

MovieloverOct 18, 2020

rle4lunchOct 18, 2020

We were pleasantly surprised at how well they did the underground parking at Kidani. I realize they can't go underground a lot in the swamps, but man what a space savings.