PHOTOS - Updated look at the projection tower improvements at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sep 22, 2017 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Projection Tower enhancements
Posted: Friday September 22, 2017 9:06am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The projection towers at Disney's Hollywood Studios are continuing to be plussed, with the addition of some more architectural details.

Originally installed for the new Star Wars Galactic Spectacular, the towers located on Hollywood Blvd house the projectors for the parks nighttime shows.

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MansionButler84Dec 05, 2017

$10.10/hr. Can you tell? He didn’t have many options after flunking out at Wesleyan.

PREMiERdrumDec 05, 2017

I appreciate the effort, but given the ill-appearing scale and sense of purpose, I can't help but think they would have been better off finishing them both in a Pan Pacific finned motif with informational signage in the lower 8'.

matt9112Dec 05, 2017

how well is he paid?

MansionButler84Dec 04, 2017

This has been a bizarre project. For something so simple, it sure is taking a long time. I heard a rumor that they have one, lazy part-time worker named Madison working on this project. He gets to it when he can.

eggDec 04, 2017

Far from perfect but also far better than it began. I'm glad they decided to improve the towers.

Next Big ThingDec 04, 2017

The windows need to go. If they weren't there, it would look way better.

RteetzDec 04, 2017

That's very busy...

danlb_2000Dec 04, 2017

.. or even PVC.

DisneyGentlemanV2.0Dec 03, 2017

Much more likely they are fiberglass than concrete.

SlowjackDec 03, 2017

Again, I give them points for effort. I don't know if this was in the works from the beginning, or if someone looked at those bunkers and decided that something had to be done. I have to assume the latter, since if one planned to theme them from the start, one would have come up with a design more suitable to theming. As it stands, the buildings don't really look like anything recognizable. One of them looks like a guard tower for a high-security retirement community, while the other looks like the last Lego brick from a set someone is throwing away. The way they randomly intersect the fencing and planters doesn't help things.

Timothy_QDec 03, 2017

What a mess

Kman101Dec 03, 2017

It's finally getting there ... thanks for the photo update!

WDWtravelerDec 03, 2017

Photo update as of Saturday, December 2, 2017. While not all sides have been updated, additional design details have been added to the blue projection tower (pre-cast concrete). Now, the two towers match their respective sides of the park. The art deco blue tower is similar to the Frozen Sing-Along theatre architecture, and the beige, tile-roofed tower is similar to the Brown Derby building.

jt04Nov 17, 2017