Disney's Hollywood Studios is the first park to hit capacity for Disney Park Pass availability

Jun 22, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday June 22, 2020 2:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios is now at capacity for the first two days of its reopening.

Disney Park Pass reservations began earlier today, open to Disney Resort guests only, and by 2:15pm Disney's Hollywood Studios reached capacity for both July 15 and July 16 2020.

Currently, all other dates and parks have full availability, although reservations are continuing, and on Friday will be joined by Disney Annual Passholders.

Disney has previously said that it expects people to have difficulty in obtaining reservations on some days, and that has turned out to be correct.

Disney's Hollywood Studios is perhaps viewed as the hot ticket now, with Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway recently opened. The compact nature of the park would also likely give it the smallest distanced capacity of the four Walt Disney World theme parks.

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nickys2 days ago

Date-based ticketing started Fall 2019.

SpectroMickey852 days ago

My family member was able to change the date on her account. I was not able to do change the ticket date from my account even though I was the one who purchased it, which was strange. Yet I am able to make her park reservation. Anyway. What I do not know is how many times someone is allowed to change the ticket date? I do know a date change had to be made before the valid ticket date. It has been awhile since I purchased one day tickets, since I am a passholder myself. I remember the days when you could just buy a one day ticket and use it any day of the year. I for sure do not remember having to select a specific date.

SpectroMickey852 days ago

No it was from the official site. I think I figured it out though. I just asked my family member to check their account and she said there was a option to change the date. I will have to verify later.

nickys2 days ago

Did you buy the ticket from Disney or form a third party seller?

SpectroMickey852 days ago

Maybe one of you all might know this so I do not have to deal with being on hold for years with the ticketing department haha. I purchased a one day ticket for the wrong date at the end of June and I am trying to change it. Apparently I need to somehow change the date before I can make a new park reservation with that ticket? I am not seeing a option on My Disney Experience to change a ticket date. Could it be I am not seeing it because the ticket is linked to my family members account, even though I was the one who purchased it?

MansionButler842 days ago

Exactly, but you do risk ending up with nothing by waiting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all parks sell out in early July, so it is best to grab passes now.

nickys2 days ago

But you’ll be no worse off. If you link the reservation, then you can at least book a park for the 5th and hop to MK after 2pm if you want to. And keep checking for Mk, although I suspect it’ll be near impossible unless they open more up. If you don’t link the reservation then you can’t do anything for the 5th until the parks close on the 2nd. You won’t lose your existing park days if you link the DVC reservation.

Magic Feather2 days ago

You won’t lose the reservation if it is already booked.

Dory712 days ago

We were able to get one as an AP for the 2nd but don't want to lose it if we add our reservation as resort guest and there are no MK days available for resort guests.

MansionButler842 days ago

It will be a challenge to get an MK reservation in early July.

Dory712 days ago

Need a little help with my memory... We booked last minute DVC accommodations for July 2-6. My husband booked park reservations for the 3,4,5 (we are AP). We then added our daughter to the trip and she changed the reservations to the 2,3,4 but was unable to get the 5th due to AP tickets. I remember reading about issues with park reservation availability with resort guests vs AP. MK is not available for any of the days for resort guests so I don't want to link the reservation. Can we wait until the 3rd to book an additional day? Is there a way to correct this? Is it going to entail waiting on hold for days???

vikescaper4 days ago

Woohoo!!! We were able to get a MK park pass for October 1!!!

MaryJaneP4 days ago

Wondering whether others see the park pass system as something which TDO lucked into ahead of the 50th or is being used to purposely control the spread of attendance of the crowds expected during the 50th? Does anyone see that park hopping will be further constrained prior to and/or during the 50th celebration?

Lil Copter Cap4 days ago

Google Chrome was giving me issues on booking, but switching to Safari worked for me. (Just a heads up to anyone seeing this.) Thank you for the heads up!