Annual Passholder exclusive offerings at Disney's Hollywood Studios

May 18, 2018 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday May 18, 2018 9:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios is offering a couple of Annual Passholder exclusive offerings May 18 through June 29 2018.

First up is a double discount at Hollywood & Vine, which means 20% off breakfast, lunch or dinner.

At Walt Disney Presents, there is a passholder exclusive viewing of the Incredibles 2 sneak peek from 9am to 10am.

Mickey's of Hollywood, Celebrity 5 & 10, Keystone Clothiers, and Once Upon a Time will all be selling the Toy Story Land MagicBand to passholders before it goes on sale to all guests June 30.

Finally, passholders can get a Donald Duck summer magnet gift at Mickey's of Hollywood, Celebrity 5 & 10, Keystone Clothiers, Once Upon a Time or Walt Disney Presents.

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JohnDMay 22, 2018

Sadly, you're probably right. I'm going down on Sunday just before F&G festival ends. While I have no interest in the Minnie magnet (through 5/28), I thought I would add it along with Donald next to my regular Mickey magnet. But if I did that, the Minnie and Donald might disappear.

BernardandBiancaMay 22, 2018

So far, I've had my Ap magnet, my 1/2 marathon magnet, the passholder Studios magnet and the Epcot magnet stolen from the back of my car; two each on two different ocassions. Donald will NOT be going on the car.

tribbleorlflMay 22, 2018

What's weird is I used to get those email Passholder newsletters from "Disney Destinations" until April of last year. Have no earthly idea why they stopped, but I do think it's further annecdotal evidence that something about their Passholder email db is off. I still get the "Disney Interactive" general corproate emails and even an occasional DVC email (even though I've never been a member).

JohnDMay 22, 2018

From the Summer Mickey Monitor

I'mwatchinguWizowskiMay 21, 2018

Okay not trying to be negative on Disney but come on... annual pass holders deserve better perks and discounts than we get...kind of sad

PaulZMay 20, 2018

We wait until it’s on Blu Ray

ThatMouseMay 20, 2018

Thanks! I'm in a back and forth email with Disney's eCommerce Sales and Service Team, and they claim that I'm all set and I should be receiving the emails. I keep telling them that I'm not getting the emails. Their latest response: "If you are getting any of the other emails for promotions, then you should be all set! Promotions are always different and never guaranteed. The system sees whether you qualify for specific promotions and sends them to you based on availability requirements for the promotion. Keep an eye on the special offers page periodically, and you might find something a bit more to you liking online. "

WondersOfLifeMay 20, 2018

Oh boi! Passholders who pay over $900 get to see a sneak peak of Incredibles 2 which you will pay $60 for your family of 4 to go out and see!

Clyde BirdbrainMay 20, 2018

They’re showing the beginning and a clip of Incredibles 2 for everyone at WDP. We saw it this afternoon. Is the Passholder thing from 9am to 10am the same, except exclusive for Passholders?

HwdStudioMay 20, 2018

Same here! Nothing from Chase or Disney.

nickysMay 19, 2018

Aren't at least some of the dates for this offer black out dates for many AP holders? Great forward thinking by WDW .... :rolleyes:

USofA scottMay 19, 2018

I get an email for passholders every few weeks. They come from Disney Destinations ( Here are some samples. 5/5/18 Passholders, Summer is almost here! 4/10/18 Passholder, spring is alive with this WALT DISNEY WORLD offer 4/4/18 Passholder, explore new magic this April! 3/1/18 New Passholder Benefit!

Magicart87May 19, 2018

Does watching the first 10 minutes of The Incredibles II (or any movie) genuinely interest anyone? Honest question.

celluloidMay 19, 2018

Do not feel bad. I did not get the email and rarely do either. Some constructive ciritism thoughts. The Magnet and increase in discount at the restaurant is a nice idea but I wish it would be more than just the one. The incredible sneak peak situation is kind of a weird idea. So from 9am to 10am I can inconvenience the small group of day guests by making it an exclusive to groups that would likely not fill that theater for a promotional material for an upcoming movie release? It should be 8-9am Toy Story Mania(and other meet and greet event nonsense) in celebration for soon to open Toy Story Land. And yes, they do not have to do anything for Annual Passholders. So this is a step in the right direction to the way things were with appreciating in the business model, but if you are going to go through the effort, put that attention towards something other than early access to the preview theater.