Secondary sidewalk entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios now closed for park entry

Feb 17, 2017 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday February 17, 2017 10:06am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Changes have been made this week to guest entry at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The secondary sidewalk entrance that runs alongside Guest Relations is now closed to arriving guests. This walkway was popular with guests arriving from certain areas of the parking lot, avoiding the lengthy walk around the resort bus stops and to the main entrance area.

All guests are now being directed to the main security screening area  in-front of the turnstiles.

The secondary sidewalk is still available for guests leaving the park however.

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rushtest4echoFeb 21, 2017

The trams are not as annoying lately, as they've stopped giving in to whatever compliance guy thought it was necessary to play to stupid spiel in its entirety (in both English and Spanish) after everyone was seated, the doors were shut, but before setting off. I'm guessing Jason Herrera was involved- I've seen his stink pervade the safety/compliance aspects of parks for over a decade now- amazing the clout he has given his history even at Disney. That added several minutes to each trip and thankfully (for now) has been stopped.

TimeTripFeb 21, 2017

As is the case with most of the parks.... at least if you're not arriving during the morning rush :-) I remember walking from the very back of the MK parking lot before the parking expansion. The tram had just left as I parked, and I still beat the tram afterwards. One time I did have a police officer ask me what I was up to when I emerged from the wooded section by the front lots when it was busy...

OliveMcFlyFeb 21, 2017

I always came in this way when I parked because I can walk there faster than the trams get me there.

rushtest4echoFeb 20, 2017

Let's all just hope this is a non-issue, along with all of the other (idiotic) parking issues at DHS in a few years time when there are new parking lots and everything has been re-routed.

flynnibusFeb 19, 2017

When I arrive at the park... there are never hordes of people waiting for buses.. because its park opening, not closing. There are no crowds to speak of in these areas.. except the mass of people walking the same place you are.. to the gates. The biggest issue is walking 'around' vs more direct IMO.

MissMFeb 19, 2017

You mean the area that's generally a chaotic mass of people complete with queue lines and barricades filling up the entire area? Sure. That's MUCH easier than completely bypassing the mass of people trying to arrive or leave vs the secondary entrance they're closing.:rolleyes:

Disney-TrainsFeb 19, 2017

The "secret entrance" really wasn't worth it after the metal detectors because IF they were doing screenig for everyone with only a couple officers the line backed up quite a bit. Since the detectors started I've always used the main entrance anyways

peter11435Feb 19, 2017

Taxis and shuttle vans use the first few rows in stage. The small lot that the bus stops surround is handicap parking.

ford91exploderFeb 19, 2017

Taxis and Shuttle vans last time i was there

Dad 2 M & MFeb 19, 2017

My crude blue line added below.....bummer we can't follow the red any longer....I believe we can still exit along the red and sorry if that has been mentioned already

flynnibusFeb 19, 2017

Or you just walk along the same path where the bus stops are right? That's always the way we've gone... out to the entrance plaza

ToriFeb 18, 2017

Your map makes no sense. If you took the yellow line you'd have to hop a fence.

RobbinsDadFeb 18, 2017

Just when I thought I knew everything about WDW! Count me among those who had no idea this existed. Then again I've never parked at DHS so it makes sense.

marni1971Feb 18, 2017

Yes. Both of them. One will service the new increased populace center of the resort. The other will receive the internal bus shuttle. Thought this is the wrong thread for this discussion.