PHOTOS and VIDEO - Walt Disney World celebrates Fourth of July

Jul 05, 2017 in "Disney's Celebrate America! - A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky"

Disney's Celebrate America firework show
Posted: Wednesday July 5, 2017 9:08am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World celebrated the fourth of July in style, with two spectacular pyrotechnic shows, Disney's Celebrate America - A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky at the Magic Kingdom, and The Heartbeat of Freedom at Epcot.

The Magic Kingdom show users perimeter launch sites to surround the park with fireworks, and also extends the show out to the Seven Seas Lagoon for guests watching from the area resort hotels.

Even the Electrical Water Pageant plays a part, providing audio for the resorts and displaying the flag during the finale.

Over at Epcot, the park's nightly Reflections of Earth was extended with The Heartbeat of Freedom finale. Check it out in the video below.

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bclaneJul 07, 2017

I love all the Disney fireworks so I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. I just feel blessed to get to enjoy them as often as I do. :happy:

Mark P.Jul 07, 2017

05:20 of the @wdwmagic video: Well, that escalated quickly. New goal: 8PM reservation at Rose & Crown pub on July 4th next year. :angelic:

surfsupdonJul 07, 2017

I often think they are better than MK fireworks. The Epcot NYE blows MK away, and I also think the Peace on Earth finale is better than Holiday Wishes. Not to mention Epcot's 30th Anniversary display was unreal!!! MK has great fireworks, but Epcot seems so much more spectacular. Ya think too??

bclaneJul 06, 2017


surfsupdonJul 06, 2017

Epcot firework special finales are always INCREDIBLE! They put on such a great show at Epcot!

shipley731Jul 05, 2017

We drove down to WDW last night & watched the Epcot fireworks from the Yacht Club dock. I know it's not the same as being in the park, but we didn't get there until 8pm & didn't want to deal with the crowd. You could still feel some of the concussion waves from there. Spectacular. We topped off the evening with a great meal at Yachtsman Steakhouse.

JahonaJul 05, 2017

That was a great reliving of a memory. EPCOT has one of the best finales I've seen. Watching in person and being hit by the concussion waves of hundreds of fireworks going off is an exhilarating feeling.

bclaneJul 05, 2017

Wow!!! Thank you!!!

iMaxJul 05, 2017

EPCOT's fireworks were BEYOND amazing, so loud they made my entire body shake, so worth!

wdwmagicJul 05, 2017

Here is Epcot's Fourth of July finale!

bclaneJul 05, 2017

Shoot I wish we would have gone to see them!

clemmoJul 05, 2017

They were great! I thought much better than MK. Unfortunately the pics are on the camera so I don't have them on me currently or else I'd post them

bclaneJul 05, 2017

Oh wow that sucks! I hope you enjoyed the fireworks at least.

clemmoJul 05, 2017

I was at the Epcot fireworks parking was a disaster due to a major accident on Epcot center drive eastbound took me and many others an hour or more to get out then I ran out of fuel lol.