VIDEO - A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky from the Magic Kingdom

Jul 04, 2016 in "Disney's Celebrate America! - A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky"

Magic Kingdom guests wait for July 4 Fireworks
Posted: Monday July 4, 2016 8:27am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Happy Fourth of July!

A packed Magic Kingdom saw the spectacular Disney's Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky last night, as part of the park's two day July celebrations.

The show will take place again tonight at 9pm.

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CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 06, 2016

Looked like part of an effect broke of a shell.

CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 06, 2016

Yes it did. It was the same amount of pyro without the loud bursts (think they are called salute) i think.

Disney AnalystJul 06, 2016

I mean, RoE has always had a more insane finale, but it just seems like compared to any other year this years 4th of July finale pyro was missing much of what it normally has.

Disney AnalystJul 06, 2016

Did anyone else think the finale pyro in 360 at the Magic Kingdom was missing almost half its usual pyro?

imkrazy182Jul 06, 2016

Did any notice one of the firework barges catch fire near the end? Not too big but it was going steady through the Heartbeat part. It was over on the northeast side of the lagoon.

GringrinngghostJul 05, 2016

The Magic Kingdom Fireworks are now in 3D! Note: If you use chrome and it just shows anaglyph, Google just thought that nobody uses side by side and disabled it on Chrome. You have to use another browser, works in Firefox.

pmaljrJul 05, 2016

Thanks for all the vids!

wdwmagicJul 05, 2016

Here is the Reflections of Earth Heartbeat of Freedom 2016 show.

Disney AnalystJul 05, 2016

Epcots pyro tag this year looked all updated and insane!

BoltJul 05, 2016

Indiana Jones show.

CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 05, 2016

Just spent the day at EPCOT. Wasnt as busy as expected. The busiest i seen world showcase was 2hrs before the fireworks. People already had their spots. Frozen was down around 630, didnt see it reopen. Walked on most of the rides, had FP+ for soarin, spaceship, and mission space. Rode songle rider for TT less that 10mins. I got goosebumps during the voices performance in the AA, Illuminations (looked amazing) and when leaving everyone was singing proud to be an American. There was a sense of unity i handnt felt before. The amount of fireworks in the heart beat of freedom finale shook the ground and all the hairs on my body.

WDWBryanJul 05, 2016

What's that guys day job now? They got rid of American idol, lights motor. Comedy warehouse is only during the holidays.

CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 05, 2016

I was by the fire pit. Looks like you on the grass hill!

GringrinngghostJul 05, 2016

My 4K one from the Contempoary last night: WDWMagic's one from Main Street: