Entry to the Disney Springs West parking garage to be temporarily restricted due to construction

Apr 28, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Tuesday April 28, 2015 9:28am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Entry to the Disney Springs West Side parking garage will be restricted from today for the next couple of months to accommodate construction.

Arriving from the Typhoon Lagoon side of Buena Vista Drive, the only entrance into the West parking garage will be via the entrance opposite Typhoon Lagoon. Guests will not be able to turn left into the parking garage at the entrance across from Team Disney.

Cars will continue to be able to exit at the Team Disney intersection, turning right only. The entrance opposite Typhoon Lagoon will be unaffected and will offer two way traffic.

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pugJun 02, 2015

Will it still be like this June 14th

WDWtravelerJun 02, 2015

The lighted intersection at the West Side Garage exit and Buena Visa Drive was open for left turns from Buena Visa into the garage as well as left turns out of the garage onto Buena Visa as of Sunday, May 31. The center section of Buena Visa Drive at the intersection has been completed to permit the lighted intersection to function as previously.

roj2323May 06, 2015

Coming from the south, yes.

DisneyCaneMay 06, 2015

So, basically when the overpass is done, the way into the garage headed eastbound will be to take the exit on the right side of BVD and make a left to go on the overpass as if you had come off of I-4?

Texas84May 05, 2015

Drove through there Friday. What a mess. But it's starting to take shape. That freeway garage entrance looks like a sharp turn. People better slow down!

SSHMay 01, 2015

Thanks for posting. Wow...looks so different from when I was there just a few months ago. Definitely will be relying on above directions from dmilescrane.

WDWtravelerApr 30, 2015

Photo update as of Thursday, April 30. Here is a view of the closest intersection to the West parking garage, at Team Disney. You can still enter the parking garage from westbound Buena Vista Drive. Exiting the parking garage here is right turn only. East and westbound Buena Vista Drive is divided by concrete barriers while road work and paving is performed in the center.

SSHApr 29, 2015

Thank you so much! :)

drnilescraneApr 29, 2015

Easy. 192 to I4. Use the Epcot Center entrance to WDW, then take the first exit past the WDW Arch. Immediately turn right onto Buena Vista Dr then turn left at the first set of lights (Entrance 5). Keep right and follow the signs to the Garage. The only difference from before is you can't turn left at the second set of lights on Buena Vista (Entrance 3) and enter the garage that way because they are building the concrete foundation for the bus lanes. If you took I4 to 535 and entered using Hotel Plaza, you can still use Entrance 3 because you are turning right, not left.

SSHApr 29, 2015

Okay: I see there's a new curveball to navigate next week- I appreciate the head's up link. :banghead: Have some expiring hotel loyalty points, so staying offsite for this quick 2-day trip - no WDW bus transport. Could anyone help me understand how to best get to garage from this area: Entry Point Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL, US, 34747? Unfortunately, we're going during the worst time - early evening, but at least it's a weekday. We really had our heart set on returning to Raglan Rd, so I'm gonna give it a shot.

sunshineApr 28, 2015

Thanks @LL2WDW ! Perfect info. I am going before noon on a weekday. So looks like I might have options, if I'm lucky.

LL2WDWApr 28, 2015

You'll need to turn left at the Typhoon Lagoon intersection. From there, the right lane leads to surface parking and access to the garage. The left lane leads to the lot behind Cirque. The lots across from the market place (SunTrust and Casting) are still open. If you're going early in the day, you should be able to park in any lot. If you go later in the afternoon, my choice would be the Team Disney lot and cross the street. If you're going in the evening, I wish you good luck and God speed.

sunshineApr 28, 2015

Can you explain how to get into the parking garage this week, if one is driving eastbound (essentially) on Buena Vista Drive? (I will be turning right onto Buena Vista Drive from Victory Way... heading so eastward on BVD to Downtown Disney.) Are there other parking lots closer to the Marketplace area that are still open for guests (like the across-the-street parking I was directed to use in February)? Thanks in advance! I'll be going to Downtown Disney later this week. I found it very confusing last time.

roj2323Apr 28, 2015

This is supposed to be a permeant change. No left turn from the northbound lanes. Southbound lanes will regain their left turn when they get this part done. The left hand turn from north bound will be replaced by the overpass as the south end of the parking garage.