Level 3 DC fast charging for Electric Vehicles arrives at Walt Disney World

Oct 27, 2022 in "Disney Springs"

Walt Disney World Level 3 DC Fast Chargers at Disney Springs
Posted: Thursday October 27, 2022 6:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World is now equipped with fast level 3 DC electric vehicle chargers delivered via four new Chargepoint Express stations.

The new EV chargers at Disney Springs can deliver 3 - 20 miles of range per minute of charging via the 62.5 kW DC output. Existing level 2 chargers around Walt Disney World property charge at a rate of approximately 30 miles of range per hour.

The stations are operated by Chargepoint, with pricing controlled by Disney. Current costs are $0.40/kWh, and $18 per hour 20 mins after charging stops.

There are currently four stations operational, with an additional four to be installed at a later date.

The new DC fast chargers are located just behind Cirque du Soleil in the Watermelon surface parking lot.

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mktNov 15, 2022

Fortunately there's seemingly always 1-2 available at Disney Springs, and I've been fortunate at MK and Studios to be able to get a charger fairly regularly.

alphac2005Nov 15, 2022

That’s the worst. We’ve owned EVs for almost nine years and the etiquette or lack there of is getting much worse with greater adoption. I’m thrilled to see all the EVs, but wish people wouldn’t be rude. Our first EV was a Ford Focus Electric with a 72 mile range, so we really were in need of plugging in a lot. That perspective really makes me laugh when reading some of the typical range whining in the thread. With hundreds of miles of range now standard, true range issues without charging impact a truly small percentage of possible drivers. I truly get annoyed seeing the limited spaces at the park with the same vehicles in those spots all day. An MK cast member was telling us that a lot of EV guests come in from out of town and time their arrival to coincide with needing to recharge and how it’s very frustrating that what you saw tonight happens as she said they have guests who truly have a need for some electrons and they can’t get any juice.

TehPuddingManNov 15, 2022

The new ones at Disney Springs still aren’t showing up on the ChargePoint app. Has anyone been able to use one and verify that they’re working? I’d drive there and check it out but my Tesla doesn’t support CCS charging.

mktNov 14, 2022

Mildly annoyed from last night at MK. Half of the EV spots were taken up by EVs that were parked, but not plugged. 2 of them were Teslas (as is the norm), and the third was a Honda Clarity PHEV... and this one really REALLY pissed me off, because it was blocking a charger AND the car's owner identified all over the car as a CM. You're a CM - DO BETTER.

PurduevianOct 30, 2022

Silverado EV has 200kwh of usable energy storage x .40= $80 or $.20 a mile (400 mile range) I'll assume your ICE math is right = $.19 Pretty similar, but you also should remember you are taking the most expensive way to charge and EV (a DC fast charger at Disneyworld) Source: https://www.arenaev.com/chevrolet_silverado_ev_2022-84.php#wt

MagicHappens1971Oct 30, 2022

I also see that Blue Tesla at Epcot all the time

mktOct 30, 2022

Just like it did when internal combustion cars first came out. The demand will increase steadily and then over a brief period of time, the charging infrastructure will expand dramatically.

flynnibusOct 29, 2022

Classic Chicken and the egg... no rocket science here. Which is why the government is helping incentivize the build out... same way they did with highways.

Disstevefan1Oct 29, 2022

I am not denying EVs. just saying the infrastructure will NOT grow as fast as the EV population.

mktOct 29, 2022

I love them, and got low key excited when I saw it.

Clamman73Oct 29, 2022

Oooooo a Rivian 😘

mktOct 29, 2022

Your math's off, and your assumptions are off. The Silverado EV has a 200 kwh battery which can charge at 350w (provided there's a 350w fast charger available). The .40 per KWH is for a fast charger at Disney. The idea is that you charge at home at your rate. My rate after fees is about 13 cents per KWH. 200 kwh X 0.13 = $26. And that's only if you're charging from 0% to 100%. Most drivers don't charge 0-100 every day - they top up to 80% from whatever they were at to preserve battery life, and save anything over 80% for road trips. And if you do charge from 0-100 at Disney's fast charger, it's $80, not the $140 you cited. However, the strategy for road tripping in an EV is to do quick stops of 5-15 minutes to get enough charge to get to the next charger, with the final one being enough to get home. In my case, at home, my power bill went up about $30/month since going full electric - but I'm saving close to $200/mo in gas. And it's never once left me stranded. Oh, and the current V8 Silverado gets 19 mpg on average - your actual real-world range will be closer to 450 miles, not 480.

BrianLoOct 29, 2022

FYI your math is off. The battery capacity is 200 kWh. 350kW the charge rate or speed at which it can be charged. This seems like a fairly pricey location currently, other sites and parts of the country can be found for 1/2 to 1/4 that pricing. The average residential cost per kWh in the US is 0.14, for example.

flynnibusOct 29, 2022

In the near term.. yes In the long term.. no. Gas is cheap because of the huge economies of scale. As demand slows, the future of the industry looks weaker... hence less investment. With lower demand, they will reduce production even more to try to help maintain prices. It's not as simple as 'less people buying, means more gas for me!' -- Gas must be found, mined, transported, processed, distributed, and then sold. All those legs benefit from a future of more demand... so when demand shrinks, all those existing concepts are choked to maintain profits on less volume. Aka.. higher prices with little incentive to improve to increase supply.