Entrance 4 at Downtown Disney permanently closing tomorrow

Aug 27, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Wednesday August 27, 2014 9:46am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Entrance 4 at Downtown Disney will be permanently closing on Thursday August 28 2014 as work on the new West Side parking garage progresses.

Entrance 4 is located between Cirque du Soleil and DisneyQuest. Its closure now means that there are 2 entrances available into Downtown Disney, Entrance 5, which is opposite the Typhoon Lagoon main entrance, and Entrance 2, opposite the Hess Station. Entrance 1, opposite the Casting Center remains exit only.

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wdwmagicAug 29, 2014

Part of the garage is expected to open in 2014, with the remainder coming in early 2015.

DznyGrlSDAug 29, 2014

Among the many reasons I'm not renting a car in October. DTD is a nightmare.

71jasonAug 29, 2014

Unless you're getting there early to catch a bus to the theme parks, it generally is. But it's easier to just bite the bullet and use entrance 5 and go all the way back. I avoid weekend nights like the plague now, but have never not found a space back there behind Cirque/by HoB.

PhotoDave219Aug 29, 2014

The past several years of how Disney constructs things, what with timetables and delays have done nothing but to perpetuate that they are on the most budgetary efficent timetable possible, regardless to how that affects guests. TL;DR? Ill believe it when i see it.

BoltAug 28, 2014

I would be.

MarkTwainAug 28, 2014

Strangely, that might actually be the entrance I use the most, since it seems like the Cirque side of West Side is the only place I can ever find a parking spot.

PhotoDave219Aug 28, 2014

Ive heard that and I'm not optimistic.

Next Big ThingAug 28, 2014

Part of the garage will be open for Thanksgiving.

Goofnut1980Aug 27, 2014

Just means we ONLY take Disney buses to DTD... EEEKK

PhotoDave219Aug 27, 2014

Well… In 2015, yes.

BoltAug 27, 2014

They will.

mm121Aug 27, 2014

I really doubt this in itself will help improve traffic, but its good they are going ahead and doing this, to enable construction to progress on the ramps into the new garage, along with the new i-4 exit. Not sure why they said Permanent, as that's technically not true, as there will be an entrance in this location again once the new i-4 ramp/LBV overpass is complete.

TheRabbitAug 27, 2014

And expect it to get even worse! Let's just hope some of it gets finished before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush.

PhotoDave219Aug 27, 2014

I'm not shocked. Anything to help improve traffic.