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May 26, 2016 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Springs Bus Loop
Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016 12:31pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs opened its brand new bus terminal today, bringing a significant improvement for guests arriving by Walt Disney World transportation.

Not only is there a new bus terminal, there are now dedicated lanes along Buena Vista Drive for Disney busses. The bus lanes are in a central area, separated from other traffic.

Located alongside the Town Center, the bus loop is much like the one found at the Magic Kingdom. It is centrally located between the Orange and Lime Garages, placing arriving guests in the center of Disney Springs.

Its large and spacious, with plenty of stops for current and future resorts. The walkways are wide, and each bus stop is covered.

Unlike at the parks, there is a separate bus drop off and pickup area. Drop off is directly in-front of the main entrance in the Town Center.

Busses quickly stop, unload guests, and then move to the pickup areas.

Arriving guests are greeted with a beautiful new main entrance to the property, with a short walk through to the center of Town Center. This is not the only entrance however, guests can choose to walk along the path to two other entrances into Town center, one near to Planet Hollywood and one near closer to Zara.

Also new today is the opening of the new wheelchair and stroller rental location, Sundries.

It is located near to the Orange Garage, just behind the Coca Cola store. This is now the only location for rentals at Disney Springs. The store also sells baby care items.

The old Marketplace stop will soon be used for charter busses, and will no longer be used by Walt Disney World transport.

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jensenrickJun 22, 2016

Beautiful pictures, this is so impressive. Can't wait to see it for myself.

WDWtravelerJun 08, 2016

Photo update as of Wednesday, June 8. As reported by @wdwmagic, the old Marketplace bus terminal is now used for charter buses and a taxi stand. There are two official yellow taxi signs at the first shelter for Mears.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 30, 2016

So with the new bus loop area which IMO is a great boost compared to the former Marketplace & PI Drop offs...But, how have wait times been for the busses now as each hotel has their own station?

SlowjackMay 30, 2016

First off, welcome, new poster! Anyway, I agree that this could be a problem. I understand the desire to make arrival easier and smoother, but the old system, where buses would go to the stop where they were picking up from (not necessarily for the same hotel they were dropping off for) worked fine and they should stick with that. The only problems with the old bus stops, in my opinion, were that they were poorly lit, undersized for busy times, and ran too near car traffic. All of that looks to be remedied by the new loop as long as they use it correctly.

olie64May 29, 2016

And someone riding shotgun was like see I told you that wasn't the right lane.

Texas84May 29, 2016

Was there today. Yeah, some goofball in a minivan entered the bus lane and ended up in the bus stops.

CRonaldo7May 29, 2016

We were at Disney Springs this afternoon around 3pm and there are 3 unloading spaces. However this was not enough as they were all full and our bus stopped at bus stop number 1 to unload, so already the system was being bypassed! Some of the buses were unloading ecv's and wheelchairs which took a long time so there was a backup of 4 buses in the entrance road and a further 5 buses were waiting on Buena Vista Drive at the traffic lights in the new bus lanes as they were unable to enter the bus station due to the backup. Not a good omen. This was worse than the bus station at Marketplace, the problem is not with loading it is with unloading, as this caused the backup at Marketplace for years.They should follow the Magic Kingdom system and drive straight to their designated hotel resort stop to unload and load as it is only a short walk to Disney Springs. It has worked well here for years with far greater numbers. it certainly looks nice, but it doesn't work in practice. It doesn't look like Disney understood the original problem, I hope they address it soon.

mm121May 28, 2016

that was definitely the plan, though it seems like they changed it, using it for charter buses isnt a bad idea though where is the bus parking at disney springs? they wont ever do bus service to the parks from DS until they perfect technology using the magic bands as bus passes technically your still waiting your just not seeing the unload, unless they are changing to a dynamic dispatching system where the first empty bus goes to the stop most in need of a pickup

wdwmagicMay 27, 2016

Its about 5

DisneyJeffMay 27, 2016

Does anyone know how many buses can unload at once? I'm concerned about a backup when you have three or 4 buses with ECV's to unload.

JlasoonMay 27, 2016

The Marketplace at Disney Springs is beyond beautiful. It's the best of Disney. It's what we use to get all the time as Disney fans. A definite throwback to the glory days. Both my wife and I - locals - stopped by for dinner a few nights ago. We were just stunned. A beautiful escape from reality. A Disney creation like no other. Details, details and more details. We walked the premise and actually did some shopping following dinner. We didn't want to leave the premise. Had they build a hotel we would have just stayed the night. Disney Springs truly is a stunner. A remarkable experience without a need for CHARACTERS. Anyways, if you're in the Orlando region do yourself a favor and stop by. It's well worth it. And there's no excuse anymore - plenty of parking, new bus terminal, and easy I4 access. Well with that being said, we decide to jump over to EPCOT for the rest of the evening. Big mistake! Dated, Old, beat-down, decaying... The Springs just puts a massive spotlight on everything that is wrong with Disney World. Everything feels like it needs a facelift now more than ever. The Springs becomes almost insulting to die hard Disney fans. This is what the hotels should look like, this is what the parks deserve, this is what the monorails need, this is essentially what Disney fans love the most about Disney. And yet here we are, a brand new beautiful Disney creation - and it's a shopping mall with restaurants.

worldfanaticMay 27, 2016

I love the separate drop off. Not having to wait for people to get off the bus before getting on is fantastic!

Fox&HoundMay 27, 2016

WOW!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely incredible! Love it!

Texas84May 26, 2016

Stop #2 for me this weekend. Nice. :D