M&M'S store coming to Disney Springs in 2020

Dec 26, 2019 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Springs will be welcoming a new M&M'S retail location to the West Side in 2020.

"Guests will be fully immersed into an interactive chocolate experience that will create more moments and more smiles through the colorful fun of M&M’S," said Patrick McIntyre, director of global retail at Mars Retail Group.

The new store will be located in the former Fit2Run and Curl locations next to Splitsville and just across from House of Blues.

2020 will be a big year for the West Side, in addition to M&M, there will be the new Cirque du Soleil show, the soon-to-open City Works restaurant at the NBA Experience, and the new Beatrix restaurant.

The existing location in Florida Mall is expected to close with the opening of the new Disney Springs M&M's store.

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Article Posted: Dec 26, 2019 / 9:43am ET
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WDWtraveler3 days ago

Photo update as of Thursday, September 24, 2020. Construction in full swing as visual changes are apparent every week.

DisneyDebRob12 days ago

Maybe it

DisneyDebRob13 days ago

Here’s a few pics of the Times Square one. Maybe we will get a big fig Mickey m&m. Just something original would be great.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

Will it have robotic hugging arms?

ImperfectPixie13 days ago

Thanks for posting the pics! I must've been thinking of the sign...big plastic M&M. :)

Jon81uk13 days ago

I mean at the old Florida Mall location, this is what I remember. This is the Disney Springs concept art So for those who are speculating the outside doesn't look that special, I don't think it looked that special in Florida Mall either. They are both comparable really.

ImperfectPixie13 days ago

I seem to remember something like that...was it in the concept art?

Jon81uk13 days ago

No a big fibreglass one in the doorway.

Lilofan13 days ago

At times there was an M&M character giving free hugs and meet and greet to guests at the front door of the former FL Mall store. Is that the M&M sweet you are referring to?

Jon81uk13 days ago

I don't think the current store at Florida Mall is particularly exciting from the outside either? Its clear that it is an M&M store but all I remember is a giant M&M sweet at the door.

MermaidByChance14 days ago

Thinking if it would bring a Ferris wheel like the one in time square 😅

DisneyDebRob16 days ago

I really didn’t expect a Times Square like store but this wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe it will fool us all.🙂

ImperfectPixie16 days ago

I hope you're right. I showed hubby last night and he was like "That's it?"

DisneyDebRob16 days ago

Let’s hope the inside is a experience? We can hope because the outside looks like just a regular store.