PHOTOS - New bridge linking the Marketplace to Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort under construction

Feb 24, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday February 24, 2014 10:54am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new bridge connecting the Marketplace to Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort is now under construction at Downtown Disney.

Part of the Disney Springs project, the new walkway links Saratoga Springs Resort near to the original walkway running alongside the Marketplace. Click the gallery for more photos.

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Jon81ukMar 11, 2015

Disney (and America as a huge generalisation) seems to generally assume people don't want to walk anywhere and don't always provide walking paths & signage in the right place I think. Even before the new bridge you could walk to SSR from either Marketplace or WestSide and yet there was very very little signage.

matt9112Mar 10, 2015

ASSUMPTION I SEE ASSUMPTIONS. However you may be right I also think it is "likely" disney can shoe in some of its own is a great PR move....disney theater gives back to community (gentification) ect and disney brings in the occasional disney related in a nutshell disney makes more money and the community thinks they care. :) Edit: the theater looks amazing and IS giving back to orlando in some ways.

mm121Mar 10, 2015

The Marketplace to Saratoga Springs bridge, really could use some more signage. As when walking from SS to Marketplace the signage directs people to the boats, instead of the walking path. While I know where it goes over the weekend I dropped off some people over by SS and directed them to Marketplace via the bridge and somehow they were dumb and got on the boat to the west side. maybe its just them being silly though, since i never said anything about a boat ride being needed.

mm121Feb 26, 2015

The Walt Disney Theater is simply a sponsorship requiring only a donation, rather than true involvement in construction/ on going business management. This was most likely done by the Disney Family, not by the Walt Disney Company.

BoltFeb 26, 2015

To be fair, Walt Disney World just opened the Walt Disney Theater this year in downtown Orlando and brings in touring shows. It had Newsies in January and has Beauty and the Beast coming in May.

StrangelingFeb 26, 2015

The Edison in Los Angeles has music, but it also has a lot of interesting things like aerialists, burlesque shows, etc. Almost like old-timey circus/sideshow stuff. Not sure if they'd have the burlesque shows at Disney though...

Jon81ukFeb 26, 2015

Would be nice to have some kind of comedy club. Just doesn't seem particularly varied with 4 different bars with live music, as well as the outdoor music areas.

GoofGoofFeb 26, 2015

Live music or other kinds of acts?

danlb_2000Feb 26, 2015

The Edison in LA has live entertainment so we might see something similar here.

GoofGoofFeb 26, 2015

There should be a few new venues with live music. They had some performers at the food truck park and there is an amphitheater thingy between boathouse and Hangar. Boathouse also mentioned live entertainment at night. Basically nightlife. I haven't heard anything about new family entertainment or any new shows.

Next Big ThingFeb 25, 2015

HOB on Sundays and Wednesdays is a little slice of Mannequinns for those that miss it. And it never fails to deliver!

Jon81ukFeb 25, 2015

Exactly, there should be plenty for adults (I had heard about the Edison night club rumours too). But not really any new family experiences as the previous poster was asking about.

flyerjabFeb 25, 2015

For what it is worth, there are still 2 major locations on The Landing that do not have anything going in...yet. One of them appears to be associated with the group that runs The Edison out in California. If you want a sense of the type of club/bar/restaurant that they run, you should check out the website. It is very adult themed and I believe that there is an underground section at The Landing at this particular location. There was early speculation that this could be something really cool and could quite possibly add to the more adult entertainment coming into The Landing. My impression ofthis area so far is that there are multiple bars in some of the new locations and that there will be a number of places where live bands will be able to perform. I believe that STK Orlando is going to either have a club or a space where a DJ plays music, as well as rooftop dining. It wouldn't surprise me if Morimoto Asia has a nice bar/lounge area as well. I am certain that The Hangar and The Boathouse will also have areas within each establishment where live music will be available.

Jon81ukFeb 25, 2015

From what I've read so far, not really, no. There is already Cirque Du Soleil, AMC Cinema & Splitsville plus live music at House of Blues & Raglan Road. Plus it is expected that the Boathouse and some other new bar/restaurant venues will host live music. Most of the Landing is a little more adult themed anyway with bars and nice restaurants being the focus. I also like the idea of another theatre showing Disney musicals, but it is possible that Cirque have some kind of exclusivity deal as a second theatre opening at Disney Springs will take people away from La Nouba.