PHOTOS - Construction walls up around the now closed Pollo Campero and parking lots E,F,G

Mar 21, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Friday March 21, 2014 1:00pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following the closure of Pollo Campero on March 19 2014, construction walls are now up around the building and all signage is now removed.

Walls are also up around parts of parking lots E, F and G, which are the lots behind T-REX and the former Pollo Campero. Work should soon begin on demolition work in this area as part of the Disney Springs redevelopment.

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bhg469Mar 22, 2014

Its not just the lot. Walking around marketplace is really congested, this makes it even worse. Disney is obviously going to get this fixed as soon as possible because they are losing money. If you're going there, do everything possible to take a bus. DTD is a mess.

mm121Mar 21, 2014

Thanks for the pics, someone should make a map showing just how much of the lot is fenced off its kinda hard to tell from the pics

wdwmagicMar 21, 2014

PHOTOS - Construction walls up around the now closed Pollo Campero and parking lots E,F,G

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

After the way Disney is treated the passholders in the past 10 years? It is personal.

Next Big ThingMar 18, 2014

Personally, I had a hotel booked and a spring to break.

tahqaMar 18, 2014

What would you have Disney do differently during this period? Not build the garages? Not update Downtown Disney? You're not an architect, or an engineer or a program manager. You don't know what planning is going on behind the scenes and why things are scheduled and staged the way they are (in all honesty neither do I). Am I happy with the sucky parking? No, I'm not. Am I happy with them taking away parking for valet? No, I'm not. But I work around it with my visits to Downtown Disney. I don't try to go on weekend nights, or if I do I'll find alternate ways without using the surface lots. You, on the other hand, seem to take it personally. Just my opinion.

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

So you endorse Disney's attitude of "F the guests?"

tahqaMar 18, 2014

Then don't go to Downtown Disney during construction. It's that simple. They want your business, sure, but they have to look towards the future and they are building towards that goal. Suck it up, Buttercup. :cool:

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

It rained. It was a Monday. Personally, i had real world responsibilities.

Next Big ThingMar 18, 2014

Parking wasn't bad tonight at all. They weren't even parking people across the street. Granted it's a Monday, but I figured it'd be worse considering the Irish festival at Raglan and it being St. Patrick's Day.

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

No. If Disney wants my business, then they will allow me to park without having to play a human game of frogger.

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

Oh, That will improve things. Is it 2017 yet?

omuriceMar 14, 2014

RE the idea of a park to DTD bus - They could experiment dead-heading a bus back to the parks, making it a one-way park to DTD transport. Perhaps would have to limit this to on-property guests. On-property could get back to their resort later and off-property would not be stranded (without a 2-step bus route back to park, or taking a cab). Also could run this DTD one-way service later in the day, such as after 3PM, so the desire to return to same park would be less. There was a test where they experimented with a bus from AK to DTD last fall -- I wonder how that test went?

mm121Mar 14, 2014

Using Typhoon (in the evenings) is definitely an idea, if the lot back behind Cirque is full along with the other alternate lots.. I'm not sure they've been doing it but originally I thought they announced having shuttles from Team Disney to DTD during the construction. There is a specific reason why they dont and wont run busses directly to the parks from DTD, they don't want people to park at DTD and then bus to the parks, to avoid paying for parking, as this would only compound the parking problems at DTD.