Walt Disney World plans to close its Disney operated food trucks including locations at Disney Springs

May 19, 2023 in "Disney Springs"

Food Truck Park opening
Posted: Friday May 19, 2023 12:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney plans to close its food truck operations at Walt Disney World, which includes Exposition Park on the West Side.

According to WDWMAGIC sources, the trucks will be phased out over the coming months, although Disney is yet to make an announcement.

Disney World's food trucks debuted in 2014 as part of the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs. Initially, four food trucks were offered with fan-favorite dishes from the theme parks, including Superstar Catering, Fantasy Fare, World Showcase of Flavors, and Namaste Cafe. Recent additions to the food truck line-up have included Mac 'n' Cheese and Hot Diggity Dog.

Over the years, Disney introduced various third-party operated food trucks, including offerings from 4 Rivers and Local Green. The third party operated trucks are not impacted.

Although Disney food trucks will be phased out, sources suggest that more third-party trucks will be introduced in their place.

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networkproMay 26, 2023

"We" won't know that as it would require a copy of their P&L statements. Exactly how much overhead are the Disney beancounters allocating to the trucks? Fuel, labor, inventory, insurance, equipment, depreciation, licensing, marginal return ... it's a mix.

mktMay 26, 2023

How do we know that they aren't viable?

CaptainAmericaMay 26, 2023

The vendor would still have all of those costs. If Revenue minus Opex wasn't enough for Disney to be profitable, then why would Revenue minus Opex minus Rent paid to Disney be enough for some third party vendor? Obviously I understand why DISNEY would like this arrangement, but for the tennant, if a food truck isn't viable in that location then it isn't viable in that location.

mktMay 26, 2023

Substitute the costs of staff, utilities, and materials and the F&B income (all of which can vary) with rent (that doesn't vary) and a percentage off the top (which does vary).

asianwayMay 25, 2023

Some of the trucks may be nearing they age the need new equipment etc and capex is probably at a premium at the moment

LSLSMay 25, 2023

Oh, I took your statement to mean that they wouldn't use third party at all, but either way, I fully think they'd have third party ones in there. I think that makes the most sense for where Disney is at. That area just becomes open space for guests, and that means there's no revenue being created off it.

BlakeW39May 25, 2023

what do you disagree with? I didn't say it wasn't going to happen, I just said I'm taking whatever these 'sources' say with a grain of salt. in the end, it could be true or not true. and I can't say that I care I whole lot, to be honest— too much to eat at springs I have never even gotten around to trying the food trucks, and I probably won't if they come back either

CaptainAmericaMay 25, 2023

What? O&O food trucks weren't just an "expense," they were also a revenue stream. So you're replacing a revenue stream and an expense with a smaller revenue stream. If the food trucks weren't viable to Disney, I'm not sure why they'd be viable being run by a third party.

tcool123May 25, 2023

Kingdom Food foodtruck serves up my favorite Venezeualan arepas/tequenos that I've had in the Orlando area so far, here's hoping it's them if the do go in that direction!

LSLSMay 25, 2023

I disagree. I'd assume there is some fee associated with a 3rd party bringing trucks in, and the cost is virtually none to Disney to give them some space that would otherwise be empty. It's easy money to just contract those out.

Epcot82GuyMay 24, 2023

We have a LOT of arepa-focused food trucks and vendors. I think something like that would do quite well.

LilofanMay 24, 2023

Wendys chili is old meat with spices and still good.

StaceyH_SDMay 24, 2023

the farmers market where i used to live had a arepa stand. sooooo good!

castlecake2.0May 24, 2023

It was probably past it’s hold time and no longer safe to eat. Most expired food is still separated and used for bio fuel.