Wearing polka dots gets you discounts at Disney Springs this Sunday

Jan 19, 2017 in "Disney Springs"

January 22 2017 is National Polka Dot Day, and Disney Springs is celebrating the day in a big way.

By wearing your favorite polka dot outfit on Sunday, you can get some significant discounts on shopping and entertainment. Some of the best deals include:

  • 50% discount on admission to DisneyQuest.
  • Complimetary stitching when you purchase a Minnie Mouse Dot ear hat at Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories from 12-5 p.m.
  • 20% discount at American Threads, Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC, JOHNNY WAS, Sperry.
  • 15% discount at Dino-Store TREX, Kipling, Ship's Store at The BOATHOUSE, Sugarboo & Co. and Volcom.
  • 10% discount at basin, Edward Beiner, L'Occitane en Provence, Paradiso 37, Portobello, Set the Bar, Sublime, Something Silver, United World Soccer, Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe.

Along with the discounts, there will be special entertainment in the Town Center from 1pm to 5pm, and guests in polka dots can also receive a special commemorative button (while supplies last) from these locations:

  • The Welcome Center
  • Marketplace Co-Op
  • Tren-D
  • World of Disney
  • Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories
  • DisneyQuest
  • Select participating retailers
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Article Posted: Jan 19, 2017 / 2:23pm EST
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snekJan 21, 2017

This sounds cute and I'd gladly take the L'Occitane discount. I like their perfume.

WhatJaneSaysJan 21, 2017

It's less of a "locals marketing" thing more of a "we're using this as an opportunity to get the Rocks The Dots clothing collection more press" with a side of "free social media buzz" and "extra background footage for further advertisements".

NelsonRDJan 20, 2017

What do I get if I wear this?

dreamfinderJan 20, 2017

Other than the 50% to DQ, most of those discounts seem to pretty much just match what is already available to AP, DVC or Disney Visa. Just trying to hop one yet another random "National whatever Day".

DABIGCHEEZJan 20, 2017

Or a National Polka Dot day sales event.... in general they are all hurting!

BaconJan 19, 2017

says the person who's friend's friend said "Figment will close for a Ip attraction"

wdwfan4verJan 19, 2017

Nope. I was on Disney site last month and they had it open through April of this year at least.

mimitchi33Jan 19, 2017

This sounds unique! Didn't they close it a while ago?

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 19, 2017

50% discount on admission to DisneyQuest.........Man they are hurting badly...

Flippin'FlounderJan 19, 2017

Waiting for the "It's just a marketing ploy to get more locals" comments... o_O