PHOTOS - New Disney Springs concept art shows more of the Town Center

May 18, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday May 18, 2015 9:32am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Some new pieces of concept art put up around Disney Springs this past weekend provide a new look at what we can expect from the Town Center.

The Town Center is where the bulk of the new retail locations will be, and is expected to open in 2016. Construction is well underway on land that was previously used as parking lot space at the front of Downtown Disney.

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WDWtravelerJun 10, 2020

Photo update as of Wednesday, June 10, 2020. One of the four "semi-permanent" kiosks between Planet Hollywood and Disney Style has been removed. The portable shrubbery screens hide the underground plumbing and electrical connections. This kiosk was actually removed in May (or before), but I wasn't able to capture a photo until today. Update as of Monday, June 15, 2020. With expanded seating now, it's as if the kiosk never existed. The old kiosk was where the table and chairs in the center of the photo is located.

WDWtravelerMay 22, 2020

Photo update as of Friday, May 22, 2020. During the two month COVID-19 closure, two stores in Disney Spring Town Center underwent a minor refurbishment/redesign: MAC and Origins. The window coverings were off today. I could not tell a difference in MAC, but here are a couple of photos inside Origins.

LAKid53Jun 29, 2018

Yeah, fine Italian cuisine brought to you by the same people who serve fine seafood - Darden Restaurants.

LAKid53Jun 29, 2018

Because it was cheap...and fast.

DisneyDebRobJun 29, 2018

There are a few good ones here in the burbs but not as many as you would think. Now good pizza? Plenty of them!

Texas84Jun 29, 2018

Heck, I even like Fazoli's.

MisterPenguinJun 29, 2018

martymcflyy85Jun 29, 2018

I'm a country boy that's easy to please. I like Olive Garden. :)

the.dreamfinderJun 29, 2018

Ralph’s has gone downhill, based on my visit last fall. Neighborhood has a different vibe now as Mexicans and Asians moved in as the Italians moved to the suburbs. So go to the suburbs? 🤷‍♂️

disneyC97Jun 28, 2018

As an Italian from NYC I appreciate your efforts!

danlb_2000Jun 28, 2018

The recently opened an Olive Garden in center city Philadelphia. I cannot understand why anyone would go to an Olive Garden in a city filled with great Italian restaurants!

trainplane3Jun 21, 2018

It's really just because of the quantity of the food, not the quality. It's not like it's bad, but it's a bit more then it should. I feel the same with Cheesecake Factory, not bad but it's more then it should be price-wise. Fun fact, the Station Square location is actually cheaper then the Robinson location. That just seems completely backwards.

Cesar R MJun 20, 2018

Leave my garlic sticks alone!! :( I never get the flair of Buca Di Beppo. Went to one in Pittsburgh and wasn't impressed. I was more worried about the prices (California Grill prices what the hell). I think the insane prices had to do with the nearly 15 conventions going at same time in downtown Pitt.

djkidkazJun 20, 2018

I actually love the bubble tea smoothies. They have some that don’t use milk and are more like slushees. I would love to see a stand selling these some where.