PHOTOS - Disney Springs Food Truck Park now under construction at the West Side

Mar 18, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Tuesday March 18, 2014 9:10am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney Springs Food Truck Park is now under construction at Downtown Disney West Side.

Taking up the space between Bongos and the under construction Starbucks West Side, the new site will be a permanent home to the four Disney Food Trucks that launched late last year.

The Food Truck Park is expected to open in the Summer of 2014. The area will also be home to some of the elevated 'high line' structure on the West Side that will provide shade and an overlook to the area.

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toekneeFeb 24, 2017

The novelty of eating from a food truck comes from it's unique offerings (that you can get as a quick bite - and the thinking that you are buying and support some independent owner/operator. IMO, that novelty doesn't exist when you know very well how that truck got there. The food truck park at DS is really no more special than if Disney had put a bunch of food carts in the same place.

BoltFeb 24, 2017

For reference, Fort Wilderness' new food truck. Kind of in love with its theming.

DDLandFeb 24, 2017

For what it's worth, both Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Resort both have brought in outside food trucks. The Disneyland ones were a little corporate (Habit Burger was the worst offender) but it provide diversity and quality. No reason Walt Disney World couldn't follow suit.

Next Big ThingFeb 24, 2017

If it ever works again i'll be shocked.

mm121Feb 24, 2017

and then you realize its 3 years later and it STILL BROKEN!!

djkidkazFeb 24, 2017

I like how I clicked on this old thread about the food trucks and the first thing I read is about the Yeti and his movement, LOL!

mm121Feb 24, 2017

yea i thought that was part of the original intent to, risk wise, i never said just invite random trucks, of course there would have to be contracts and they'd charge the trucks for the location, they have to get their cut of the cash knowing who the trucks are is no more risky than leasing out space to outside vendors for the restaurants, its all on the up and up and they have to comply with health codes and everything the food trucks of today are nothing like the sketchy ice cream trucks of the past, and when the trucks have a following its in their best interest to keep their standards of food and service high

disney4life2008Feb 24, 2017

I thought that was the original intent but probably too much of a risk

mm121Feb 24, 2017

they should just invite outside trucks and be done with it, give up on having trucks of their own

disney4life2008Feb 24, 2017

I don't understand myself. Outside of Disney making everything streamlined but regardless the choices are horrible.

mm121Feb 24, 2017

that sounds really stupid yelling up into the truck is part of the experience if disney doesnt want to put the effort into having their own trucks why not just invite other local trucks to come on different rotations? then it would always be fresh and there would be zero financial risk if the trucks had a bad night all the risk would be on the individual vendors and it would be in their best interest to advertise most popular trucks have a strong social media following so people that really like them can find them

disney4life2008Feb 24, 2017

I was there tonight. The food trucks were horrible. You don't order from the truck but from a central location for all the trucks then they give you a number and you go to the truck. Namaste and world showcase food was there, both options had terrible food. I left and went to blaze pizza

mm121Feb 24, 2017

so that puts food truck park back to 4? was just curious since saw a post elsewhere about a new one over at fort wilderness so was wondering if that was a new truck or a re theme of one of these and i know sometime they steal these trucks and put them over at WWoS

Magic FeatherFeb 24, 2017

Still running, but with neutered menus. Also of note, contrary to what I was told last Namaste has returned! However, it now has a neutered menu of junk tacos.