PHOTOS - Disney Springs Marketplace boat dock and Saratoga Springs bridge construction update

May 15, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Thursday May 15, 2014 1:53pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The construction of the new bridge linking the Marketplace and Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort is continuing to progress quickly.

Expected to open later this summer, the new bridge will also provide the Marketplace with its new boat dock after the original was demolished as part of the new causeway construction. Click the gallery more photos and an up-close look at the boat dock.

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GhostHost1000Aug 26, 2014


Texas84Aug 16, 2014


Monorail MikeAug 16, 2014

A Jungle Cruise skipper told me the new dock is made from hickory. You have to be careful when it's wet (like in the photos) because it's a slippery hickory dock. :happy:

sshindelAug 15, 2014

Looks really nice. I like the color of the woodwork. Very well done.

jt04Aug 15, 2014

Definitely harkens back to the LBV Marketplace days. Love it. Of note is that the parking garages do not "loom" over Disney Springs as some had hoped, um, I mean feared. Well done TDO and CAD. Well done! :happy:

wdwmagicAug 15, 2014

PHOTOS - Disney Springs Marketplace boat dock and walkway to Saratoga Springs opens

Rob562Jul 31, 2014

Presumably the Marketplace/West Side/PI water taxi will also stop there. -Rob

roj2323Jul 29, 2014

i'm sure there will be several Largish signs, as well as maps.

anchorman314Jul 29, 2014

It's not that far away from where the old dock was. Plus, the only guests who are going to use it are OKW and PO. (I think?) It'll be one of those "if-you-need-it-you-know-where-it-is" situations.

mm121Jul 29, 2014

seems like an odd out of the way off the beaten place to put the marketplace boat dock, being all the way over there most people probably won't even see it/ realize it exists

roj2323Jul 28, 2014

Last time I checked they were building the entry path to the dock. Hopefully it will be done in the next few weeks as the boat is nice to have when you park at West side.

omuriceJul 28, 2014

>Insert narcissistic "I hope it's open during my trip" comment here< However, I do hope this is open during my trip... :)

bgoofyJul 28, 2014

Looks like it wont open until the birds are done putting on their final touches!:D

roj2323Jul 28, 2014

Looks nice. It's interesting to see that they are employing a pull in style dock. I'm curious to see how it works out.