Stance coming to Disney Springs Town Center

Nov 14, 2016 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday November 14, 2016 7:20am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

High-End sock retailer Stance will open a store in Disney Springs later this year.

Located in the Town Center, Stance offers products for Women, Men and Kids.

More about Stance.

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dreamfinderJan 16, 2017

It was pretty busy in here when we stopped in a week ago. They have a line of Disney socks, along with a line of Star Wars socks. They only stocked a handful of their other products, but Star Wars and Disney socks seemed to be selling pretty well.

Angry WarlockJan 08, 2017

They are if they can be used as a diversion from jewellery

cspencer96Jan 08, 2017

Stance products are pretty great, in my opinion. They just released collegiate designs for the CFB Playoff, and as far as I can tell, the stuff they sell is unique and not really available elsewhere. Plus, they have worked some black magic into the Wholester underwear. I see this store doing pretty well, if not for it to be a gateway drug into novelty socks. People like to have a pop of crazy or color even with their suits for the office now, it's kind of a way to express yourself without being too flashy because they aren't seen by most.

Kman101Jan 05, 2017

And it's not like a lot of these stores are huge, so small shops like this offer a nice variety. JMO.

Andrew CJan 05, 2017

Oooo. Fancy!

Kman101Jan 05, 2017

Stopped in today. They also sell underwear ;) not just socks :)

JenniferSJan 05, 2017

They don't have to stink.

DABIGCHEEZJan 05, 2017

So now we can say... So and so went to Walt Disney World and all I got was a stinkin pair of socks! :D

Kman101Jan 05, 2017

Themed socks are "in" right now. Have any of you seen the Haunted Mansion wallpaper socks? There's clearly a demand for this kind of thing right now.

RSoxNo1Jan 04, 2017

I've got this opening December 26th fwiw. Also, any store that allows me to wear a picture of Tommy Lasorda on my feet is a good thing.

toolsnspoolsJan 04, 2017

Not to mention, socks are probably the easiest souvenir to fit in the suitcase for the flight home.

monothingieJan 04, 2017

Ok we will see...

Kman101Jan 04, 2017

Not every store is going to appeal to you. There are other people who shop. ;)

wdwmagicJan 04, 2017

I understand that the Stance store is doing very well. And as mentioned, there is a surprisngly big market for this type of product.