PHOTOS - First look at the new holiday decor in the Town Center at Disney Springs

Nov 14, 2016 in "Disney Springs"

Holiday decorations in the Town Center at Disney Springs
Posted: Monday November 14, 2016 10:35am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

2016 is the first holiday season for the Town Center, and the Holiday Services department has put together great looking decorations.

The district is decorated throughout with garland, wreaths, and a large Christmas Tree in the center.

Click the gallery for a walk through of the Town Center Christmas decorations. And a look at The Landing decorations.

Learn more about Holidays at Disney Springs.

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SirenNov 17, 2016

I just don't see how Disney Springs can have reindeer, Christmas wreaths, and chandeliers blinged out with Swarvoski crystals on one side and a trailer lot Christmas tree trail on the other side. It's such a stark contrast to where, it may send the wrong message to shoppers, IMO. The Town Center Christmas Tree is gorgeous. As an aside, I thought the Disney Springs drone show video was awesome. The Jingle Bam Show was ruined by The Nightmare Before Christmas and Oogie Boogie stuff, IMO. I wish it was all about Christmas, otherwise it's a great show.

Mad StitchNov 15, 2016

Ha, ha! Thanks.

gobstoper27Nov 15, 2016

Awesome Avatar!!!!!!!!!

HauntedMansionFLANov 15, 2016

Beautiful! It looks so classy!

DisoneNov 15, 2016

Eh. Maybe it translate better in person, I will know soon enough, its been almost three weeks since I last ventured to Disney Springs, so I will definitely hit it up this weekend, but... disney needs to break out of their Christmas decor rut. All they do now is: Tree + Lots of Garland + a few Wreaths and Repeat.

MisterPenguinNov 14, 2016

Or just trash it and call it a Goofy Christmas Tree Lot.

FigmentForver96Nov 14, 2016

Disney Springs is decked out from top to bottom. Strolled through Saturday evening and it was gorgeous.

DisneyDebRobNov 14, 2016

They did a very nice job from what I can see. Understated which makes it better I believe. Great photos,thanks!

Prince ThomasNov 14, 2016

Looks beautiful!!

wdwmagicNov 14, 2016

PHOTOS - First look at the new holiday decor in the Town Center at Disney Springs

COProgressFanNov 14, 2016

I have a five year old. I don't think she'd be impressed.

21stampsNov 14, 2016

I love the idea of Donald's Christmas Tree Lot! I'm actually glad that they're all in the same area though. We aren't spending too much time at Dosney Springs, and as it stands is a relatively quick activity that is very realistic for us to fit in.

djkidkazNov 14, 2016

I actually really like the tree trail idea. I hope that they give it another shot next year. Maybe make it Donald's Christmas Tree Lot or something and have some of the trees decorated? Or I had the same thought someone else mentioned which was to do a Remy-style scavenger hunt like they do at Epcot for F&G and F&W. You have to find all the decorated trees in Disney Springs and then you get a special pin.

DisoneNov 14, 2016

Someone once told me how they felt about me using hyperbole to make my points. I don't remember who;) That said, this tree trail is a bit sad. I do like the suggestion of just spreading the trees around the market place like the Easter Eggs around World Showcase. But as a stand alone attraction, this is lack luster and "leafs: a lot to be desired.