Town Center at Disney Springs closing early on Friday for private event

Jul 14, 2016 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Thursday July 14, 2016 9:40am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Town Center at Disney Springs will be closing early on Friday July 15 2016 for a private event.

As part of a promotional event, much of the Town Center, including Frontera Cocina and Homecoming, will be closed to guests from 4pm. The West Side, Marketplace and The Landing will continue to be available as normal.

The "Discover Disney Springs" event will bring thousands of invited guests from throughout Central Florida to experience the new shopping and dining at Disney Springs.

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Horizons1Jul 15, 2016

And another blogger/lifestylers cupcake party.

BoltJul 14, 2016

It's also not all of Town Center. Have to leave the East part of it open since they are working on the bridge near Fultons.

wdwmagicJul 14, 2016

Good question. I'm not sure of the specifics. They are expecting 1000s at the event, so they may well reserve Lime garage for the event, and have everyone else park in Orange and surface.

Next Big ThingJul 14, 2016

Well then I assume there has to be some worth to the event from Disney's prospective if they are willing to close that entire area on a Friday. How does that affect parking though, seeing as the Lime garage will still need to be used and it empties right into Town Center?

wdwmagicJul 14, 2016

It's a marketing operation to promote Disney Springs. So I would assume this is directly Disney's decision.

Next Big ThingJul 14, 2016

If someone's willing to pay enough, anything can happen...

EeyoreJul 14, 2016

I wonder whose idea it was to close this area off to guests on a friday afternoon/evening. Seems like a really bad idea to me.

flyerjabJul 14, 2016

We are still waiting for our invitation.

GeorgeJul 14, 2016

No idea they'd go to these lengths. I was thinking of changing the date of my daughter's birthday celebration since we've only had 3 RSVPs, but I suppose I'm somewhat committed now.