Disney Springs testing new no-stop security scanner for new entry screening when the parks reopen

Jun 13, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Saturday June 13, 2020 1:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is today testing a new security scanning system that it may deploy to the theme parks when they reopen in July.

According to the manufacturer, Evolv Express is the first no-stop weapons-screening system built to automatically screen groups of people as they walk through without slowing or stopping. Express screens visitors individually or together, while automatically differentiating weapons from personal items. It is the fastest weapons-screening system on the market, consistently screening 60 people every minute for firearms and other threats. That’s 3,600 people per hour, or 10X faster than a traditional checkpoint system.

Today's test is taking place in the Lime Garage at the entrance to the escalator, and it appears to work as described. Groups are able to pass through unimpeded, and any persons that require closer screening are moved to one side where they are asked to empty the contents of bags for inspection by a CM in a much more hands-off way than previously seen at the parks.

The system also has the ability to perform human temperature screening, which could potentially be used in place of the manual screening that is currently being carried out.

It is clear that the existing bag check system at the parks will not be viable in a post COVID world, and Disney is working to address that with this new system. If successful, the new system would seem to be able to greatly reduce the sometimes long waits at theme park bag checks, and provide a much better experience for the guests with most bags not having to be manually inspected.

Check out the video below for a look at how the system works and its benefits over traditional metal detectors.

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TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

I hope they create a pedestrian path outside of security. It’s nice to be able to use Disney transportation to transfer resorts. This is a problem at Disneyland too, you can’t get to the Disneyland hotels from the free Amtrak shuttle from the Amtrak station. You have to take a cab or Uber.

Marc Davis FanOct 18, 2020

Yes, this makes sense. It's something they should work towards fixing, though, even if it takes several design modifications over the next few years. It can definitely be done in the the longer-term.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

Lol. I’m trying to figure out what the tsa wants me to do with my phone, shoes, etc. as it is. I have no time or desire to take pictures.

peter11435Oct 18, 2020

Sure. You’re choosing to ignore the line I quoted from the TSA’s own website. You don’t have to believe me, just go ahead and try it next time you fly.

Magic FeatherOct 18, 2020

It’s a matter of having way too many ingress and egress points. Even with the temp screening, they had to cut the number of entry points by drastically reducing parking capacity, and making access more inconvenient to resort guests, which isn’t going to fly long term.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

I would think anyone trying to get through security at Disney would just go through and take mental notes and not check a Disney blog. I would also think the satellite images pose a much bigger security risk. But what do I know right? :-p You’re right.. I’m sure that photo that shows the height of the checkpoint table getting online is going to bring Disney down.

_calebOct 18, 2020

Whether or not you “feel” safe has little to do with the actual security risks though, right? Also, the TSA policy is to allow people to film interactions with agents (accountability when being publicly patted down/searched. But you can see how the definition of “interfering and revealing sensitive information” might depend on what’s being filmed. Bad guys who want to exploit any weaknesses in the system would be very interested to see hi-def photo/video that might help them determine what the system is capable of, how sensitive it is, or how it might be circumvented. It’s not only photo and video they might be concerned about. Try standing around and just watching people come though a security check. They’ll come ask you to move along. Patterns, schedules, (agents rotating through various stations in the checkpoint) and protocols (how uniformly procedures are enforced) could all be used to help someone thwart security measures.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

Do you feel unsafe there? I feel perfectly safe there. Which makes me think all the show at the parks isn’t really necessary ;)

SpectroBroOct 18, 2020

I honestly can’t believe that after all this time, Disney Springs still does not have entry security.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

Cause a random guy on a wdw fan site is right and the tsa website is wrong. Got it.

peter11435Oct 18, 2020

Doesn’t mean you won’t be stopped. As I said if you start documenting the process and equipment you will be stopped.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

That’s my point. It’s legal to do so.

peter11435Oct 18, 2020

Legality. That is their official stance because it has to be. The key line in your link is “as long as the screening process is not interfered with or sensitive information is not revealed.”

TrainsOfDisneyOct 18, 2020

Lol. I provide a link to the government agency, you tell me it’s not true ‘cause you say.