The demolished Crossroads area will no longer be used as a ramp into Hotel Plaza Blvd and Disney Springs in new FDOT plan

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FDOT Traffic Plan - March 2023
Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023 1:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has announced that it has changed plans for the now-demolished Crossroads shopping and dining area near Disney Springs.

The popular off-property stop for Walt Disney World visitors was demolished to make space for a new flyover ramp to enable more effortless traffic flow from SR 535 to Hotel Plaza Blvd and Disney Springs. Tenants included Sweet Tomatoes, Fudruckers, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Goodings.

In the latest plan, which will begin construction later this year, the former Crossroads area will now be used for constructing a new loop ramp from northbound Apopka-Vineland Road to westbound I-4. See below for the revised plan, and the original 2022 proposal.

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Andrew C21 days ago

Welcome to the loveliness of transportation departments and their budgets. They cut just like Disney does :p 😂

jeanericuser00121 days ago

Considering several of the plans that called for everything from a metro station to a new off-ramp seemed to be all very well-designed with the best possible results in mind. Now we are getting a far cheaper option that will create even more sprawl without directly addressing the present problems. Then you have the fact that DeSantis has a tendency to be particularly petty just like his predecessor who torpedoed a perfect rail system, which we would have by now, just to spite Obama despite the fact that there was actually a good share of republicans that were also onboard. All that just to spite Obama, but while screwing over everyone else in the process.

marni197121 days ago

Yes. We’re going to London again in the summer. 😁

vikescaper21 days ago

Since I come from the west 99.999% of the time, this change shouldn’t affect me too much. The times I have come this way were absolutely horrible, though.

Sirwalterraleigh22 days ago

…you ever been to the south, Boy?

Andrew C22 days ago

Really? Care to share those details? Apparently, this is the new #BlameMeg

Figgy122 days ago

If driving in Orlando wasn't already a cluster:mad::mad::mad: Although this may backfire and make people want to stay in the bubble once there

sWANNISAX22 days ago

Wow this reeks of political meddling. There's no way the west bound I 4 entrance is causing a much back up and congestion as turning left into hotel plaza boulevard is after getting off the highway. The only scarier exit off I 4 west is the one they already redid at turkey lake road near Whole Foods. Talk about feeling like you might lose your life getting off the highway. Yikes.

Figgy122 days ago

WDWBryan22 days ago

Well that’s just stupid. They could still have ramp 4 from westbound i4 end at the intersection with hotel plaza blvd so traffic can go straight and left and then eliminate the light they currently have for the ramp by the overpass creating an exit similar to the east bound side with Vineland road.

marni197122 days ago

Cost cutting on infrastructure? Where do they think they are? The UK?

Sirwalterraleigh22 days ago

Anyone else shocked that a project that would ease traffic into Disney property now makes a 180 and steers people away from it? 😂

jeanericuser00122 days ago

Somehow I have the suspicion this is another move by DeSantis cronies trying to turn the screws on Disney, but by collateral mucking up everything else for everyone else.

DCBaker22 days ago

Article today with some changes on this project - "The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is reversing course on a project that would have built a new flyover-type ramp into Disney Springs. The plan was originally a part of improvements coming to Interstate 4 and State Road 535 in the Lake Buena Vista area. “We need something to be able to get traffic down Hotel Plaza Boulevard,” said Jay Leonard, complex general manager at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs. Hotel Plaza Boulevard, which is located off of SR-535, and close to I-4, provides access to several hotels, Disney Springs and the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort. “There’s just so much traffic here,” said Leonard. Leonard said it gets very busy on Hotel Plaza Boulevard in the evenings. It’s why FDOT originally planned to build an echelon interchange at SR-535 and Hotel Plaza Boulevard. The interchange would have allowed drivers on northbound SR-535 to make a right turn onto a flyover ramp to avoid SR-535 traffic and access Hotel Plaza Boulevard. The echelon interchange would have eliminated the traffic that gets backed up on northbound SR-535 for those drivers looking to turn left to get onto Hotel Plaza Boulevard. FDOT told us about the project for two years, which would have used some of the land the state gained to demolish the one time popular Crossroads area. “It’s going to be very disappointing because we really had this expectation on the block that we’re going to have traffic coming right into our destination, and just make it a smoother arrival down our boulevard,” said Leonard. Instead, FDOT will use the Crossroads land to make a loop ramp from SR-535 to westbound I-4. The ramp will eliminate the need for drivers to turn left across traffic to get onto I-4 west. The work also includes lengthening the I-4 west exit ramp, realigning the I-4 west entrance ramp and building an express lane on I-4 west, called the Tube. An FDOT spokesperson said the change will still help the area, alleviating backups from SR-535 to I-4 west. He said the plan for the echelon interchange at SR-535 and Hotel Plaza Boulevard was swapped out for the I-4 west ramp to provide “the best return on investment.” Leonard hopes FDOT will consider improving the entrance to Hotel Plaza Boulevard from SR-535 in the future. He says just getting off I-4 and trying to get to the hotel is frustrating for visitors. “Sometimes when (guests) get to the front desk they’re physically and mentally exhausted after that drive,” he said. Construction on I-4 west and SR-535 will begin by the end of the year." Here's a link to the PDF showing the change to the design -