New 'Guest Shipping Station' coming to Disney Springs

May 06, 2024 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday May 6, 2024 11:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs will open a new 'Guest Shipping Station' this month, allowing guests to ship items directly from Walt Disney World.

Operated by a UPS franchise, the Guest Shipping Station will be located in the former stroller rental location behind the Marketplace Co-Op.

It remains to be seen precisely what services will be offered, but it will be possible to ship merchandise purchased at Walt Disney World back to a home destination. Merchandise shipping is currently arranged at stores during the purchase process, but it appears that with this new shipping station, that may change.

Disney is expected to announce the new 'Guest Shipping Station' soon, along with details on the range of services that will be on offer.

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Sirwalterraleigh27 days ago

I was referred to it by world of Disney 15 minutes ago…I declined We also had to ship from days of Christmas earlier there Parks and resorts are the same

castlecake2.027 days ago

Last update I heard was this is a trial but no change to current offerings

Sirwalterraleigh27 days ago

Indeed…removed from all the shops. Not really at all convenient and additional costs now

GillyanneMay 16, 2024

Has anyone confirmed/denied that they removed it from shops as you purchase? The only reason I can think they would is this (taken from the link @Unbanshee posted above) Rates will vary depending on packaging weight, fragility of contents, shipping destination, and shipping services selected. Visit the Guest Shipping Station to determine your package-specific rate. IIRC the ship from the register when you purchase option, rates were based on your total order. One flower and garden festival I ordered a bunch of the garden statues and pavers. The statue boxes were easily 16x16 if not bigger and weren't light in weight. But I would've paid the same to ship multiples of those, as I would've 20 T-shirt (or whatever the break even $$ would've been). The actual shipping/packaging of the T-shirts would've been a lot cheaper than the shipping of my 4-6 large boxes of heavy items. Not sure how many items now would qualify for this uneven cost/probability of losing money once shipped, but I could totally see them using it as the "excuse"

wdwmagicMay 16, 2024

I believe this is to some extent a test.

castlecake2.0May 16, 2024

This is exactly what it looked like when it was the stroller rental store

cranbizMay 16, 2024

Another generic themed space. They couldn't even theme it as a UPS Store.

BrianMay 16, 2024

'Guest Shipping Station' is kinda bland. They should really give it a snappy name like Tiana's UPS Adventure or Journey of Boxes.

UnbansheeMay 16, 2024

Some more photos:

Nubs70May 15, 2024

Don't forget FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are two separate entities. You cannot ship a FedEx Ground "hold for pickup" package to a FedEx Express hub

BrianMay 14, 2024

Here is a photo from the location. Found on Facebook, it is not my photo.

JMcMahonEsqMay 09, 2024

They are trying to mitigate people worrying about putting things on planes to take them home. Delivery to the resort does nothing to help that

Zummi GummiMay 09, 2024

This would explain its placement at Disney Springs, too, where there is the largest volume of 3rd party stores.

pigglewiggleMay 09, 2024

Great info, thanks!