Security scanners begin operation today at Disney Springs

Nov 05, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Thursday November 5, 2020 10:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Security checkpoints have been deployed today at Disney Springs, screening guests on arrival.

Using the new no-stop EVOLV security scanners that Disney uses at most theme park checkpoints, guests are being screened on arrival at both parking garages. It isn't clear what has prompted the use of scanners, or how long they will be in position. In parts of Europe this week, the terrorism threat levels has increased following the most recent attacks in Vienna. 

In the Disney Springs parking garages, the new checkpoints are located alongside the temperature screening checkpoints. Due to the checkpoints being security in nature, we are not providing any photos of the area.

Disney Springs has seen bag check scanners before, but as part of a limited test of the new no-stop EVOLV scanners that were deployed to the parks for the COVID-19 reopening.

Check out the video below for a look at how the system works and its benefits over traditional metal detectors.

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Lora Baines BradleyNov 15, 2020

Damn, I was actually at Springs yesterday.

Tom MorrowNov 15, 2020

Long overdue I believe. I'm actually surprised there hasn't been an incident prior to this.

_calebNov 15, 2020

Was he also wearing a Mission Impossible-style realistic mask that made him look like an adult?

MisterPenguinNov 15, 2020

He was just late for Halloween!!

RiderNov 15, 2020

Sounds like the scanners are already paying off.

larryzNov 12, 2020

I suspect they used cell phone location data to tip them off after the fact.

DisneyCaneNov 11, 2020

First, neither the airline, TSA nor Florida would object. As long as you properly check a firearm (unloaded in a locked case with ammunition separate), you can take it on a domestic flight wherever you want. As long as you either have a concealed carry permit from a reciprocal state or follow the rules to have it with you in a non-concealed manner then Florida doesn't care. 1) Disney only has the legal authority to keep you from entering with a weapon. They can call the cops (who are nearby anyway) but all they will do is escort you back to your vehicle as long as you weren't concealing the weapon without a concealed carry permit. It isn't illegal to bring a legal weapon onto private property as long as it is carried legally, it is just against the policy of, in this case, Disney to do so. 2) While Disney can't put cameras in the bathrooms (or changing rooms in a clothing store (I've never noticed if these exist), I can't think of anywhere else on property where you would have an expectation of privacy. They have cameras all over the place as it is. Also, if they are scanning you at the entrance, why would they need to keep scanning as you walk around? As far as announcements of what they are doing, I'm sure whatever they do that requires disclosure is in the terms and conditions fine print when you purchase a ticket or pass.

MarvelCharacterNerdNov 08, 2020

And Downtown Disney at DL is still hand searching bags and using the old school metal detectors. Argh. Seriously? Touching bags so you're spreading germs in a pandemic?! #annoyed

techgeekNov 08, 2020

Disney has never (with good reason) fully disclosed their security precautions for the parks or Springs, but even if you consider only the cameras that we can physically see it’s very apparent that 100% of guests accessing the Springs property are observed and screened in some way and have been for quite some time. I don’t know if it’s 100% of the time as it might be in London, but it would not surprise me in the least if Springs has near total camera coverage on the public spaces, with individual stores of course running their own loss prevention systems. As has been mentioned, after the Pulse shooting it was disclosed that the shooter evaluated Springs earlier in the week. For Disney and other investigating agencies to be able to state that with certainty, it means there has to have already been a reasonably comprehensive surveillance system in place at that time. They could go back through recordings after the fact and find him specifically out of a crowd of literally tens of thousands, and verify his specific actions and intent across property. Their capabilities were already absolutely at and likely exceed what you describe as being concerned about.

TrainsOfDisneyNov 07, 2020

There’s a reason OC Sheriffs department are at each entrance.

Mousse'Nov 07, 2020

Sincere questions but nuanced so no hassle if no one knows for sure. Just curious, opinions would be appreciate, and just hypothetical as I don’t bring weapons to Disney - I think the airline, TSA, and Florida might object 😉 1.) Legally can they detain a person (security) while the cops are called? The person could just turn around and walk away. But, let’s assume the person is carrying illegally, walks in, gets scanned and security sees a hit, a cop is right there... does the scan give them immediate probable cause? (Assuming it isn’t visible or otherwise detectable?). 2.). I have no idea is this is universal (...slight pun intended... sorry) but I know in some states there is a concept of pseudo-public private property. This is like when you’re inside one of the old fashioned indoor malls, or a changing room, or fully wide-open forest that is unbounded and unposted, the owner can’t fully exert all their private property rights. So, while entering effectively such a space, can people be “scanned“ under those circumstances as they have a reasonable expectation of personal privacy and/or an objection to such technology? (think the Amish for example) (... I don’t want to be randomly scanned 100% of the time when we walk around, as you know that where this will head... think about the innocent folks in London who can’t walk around without being 100% on camera. And yup, I realize and often endorse myself the “If you don’t like their policies you don’t have to got there” mantra, but what happens when it gets to they don’t announce its happening?)

Magic FeatherNov 06, 2020

As an update on the thought experiment, I managed to get the number down to 10, with the ability to drop down one if Saratoga's walkway does not get it's own entry point, Orange Garage only uses one entry point, or Cirque is left out of the secure zone It would put the West Side entrances being the two sides of Cirque, the Two Orange Garage Exits, and one by the Team Disney Bridge/West Side Valet. Town Center would have one at Lime and one at the Bus Stop dropoff. Then, the Marketplace would have one for Valet/Grapefruit, one for Saratoga/Guest Drop Off, and one for the Hotel Plaza Bridge. (The last two could be merged the same way that it is for temp checks, but that would really cramp the Marketplace more than it already has. This would push the Marketplace and the West Side docks out of the security perimeter, moving the hotel boats that run to the Landing over to the West Side. Use of the Landing Dock would effectively have to be halted, as Saratoga+Old Key West run to West Side, POR runs to Marketplace, and the Disney Springs Boat runs between Marketplace and West Side.

Magic FeatherNov 06, 2020

An interesting note is that the currently temp/security perimeter puts the Marketplace dock outside of the secure zone. Annoyingly, the “ideal” security setup (Maintains original number of entry/exit points) at Springs involves 11 checkpoints, but that’s a bit unreasonable. Even then, I’ve only been able to shave that number down by a few, and it makes the convenience factor drop a bit.

matt9112Nov 06, 2020

Lol no thanks bro....gloveboxes. i never actually CCWed at the springs often usually took it off my hip for the glovebox because why not. I do bring it everywhere though but i just leave it in the car.