PHOTOS - High Line elevated steel structure now taking shape at Disney Springs West Side

May 05, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday May 5, 2014 9:25am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 'High Line' elevated structure is now under construction on the West Side as part of the Disney Springs redevelopment.

The steel structure is now very much visible in front of the new Starbucks on the West Side, near to the Characters in Flight area. Once complete, the High Line will run from Starbucks to Bongos, providing an overhead area with seating for the nearby Food Truck Park, and shade for the West Side area. Click the gallery for more photos.

The construction on Food Truck Park and the High Line should be complete later this summer.

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hpyhnt 1000Oct 23, 2015

It's difficult to tell, but on the leaked Master Plan for Disney Springs, it looks like the plan at some point was to have a much longer high line section between Disney Quest and Splitsville. You've really gotta squint as the "West Side" label is directly on top, but you can just make out the blue section of high line. Note that all the other blue sections do correspond with completed high line sections. Judging from the Master Plan, that would have put the structure right where the walls were in @WDWtraveler's update from May 29 and June 20: Here is a Google Maps view with what the Master Plan appears to show, which is a lengthy high line structure stretching from Disney Quest to Curl by Sammy Duvall: Looks like we only ended up with the very western bit of this high line section for the final product. I agree with the theory that Splitsville, Curl, and Fit2Run didn't appreciate a big pointless structure hiding their establishments.

halltdOct 22, 2015

This is all I remember ever seeing. As traveler noted, those concrete piers were just to hold up the construction walls. To me, it looks like they were just doing pavement. But also, I could be very wrong. :) Just surmising on my part.

Next Big ThingOct 22, 2015

I thought at one point I remember it went vertical there and then came down, but I may very well be wrong.

halltdOct 22, 2015

Do we know that a section was even supposed to go here? I know construction walls were up, but they were probably just replacing the concrete to show the fake foundations. Did you happen to see if the pavement is new in that area?

G00fyDadOct 22, 2015

Good point. I hadn't thought of that. :)

Next Big ThingOct 22, 2015

Most of the stores that have it in front are Disney owned (Candy Caldron/D-Street/Super Hero Headquarters and Disney Quest). The only other one is by Starbucks, and that one isn't really in the way. If anything, it draws people to the starbucks as they often have live entertainment underneath.

G00fyDadOct 22, 2015

I found it quite interesting that any of the stores would have been okay with this.

dstrawn9889Oct 22, 2015

splitsville must have balked about the structure right out in front of their facade...

WDWtravelerOct 21, 2015

Photo update as of Wednesday, Oct. 23. The high line structure in front of Splitsville was abandoned, never installed. The high line in front of Disney Quest is completed, with only the high line in front of House of Blues behind construction walls.

Mouse DetectiveJul 04, 2015

Yes, but we're not supposed too put much thought into it.

halltdJul 04, 2015

I hadn't actually noticed in the pavement that there is only one track. So, I'm a bit confused as to the purpose of a turntable. I guess the only thing it could be used for would be to switch an engine or other car from forward to reverse.

Mouse DetectiveJul 04, 2015

Who would do that? LOL! That said, only a train coming across the bridge could have been able to pull into the station. (which is now a restroom facility)

articosJul 04, 2015

They screwed up and didn't include any secondary tracks the turntable would go to. You guys are putting more thought into it than the designer of this area did.

jt04Jul 03, 2015

I thought you had to go to the boathouse to get shad. :cat: sorry