First signs of a Disney Springs reopening as one of the parking garages reopens for Cast Members

May 04, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday May 4, 2020 9:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The first signs of a reopening at Walt Disney World got underway today as one of the garages at Disney Springs resumes operations for Cast Member parking.

Closed since the property-wide COVID-19 shutdown, it appears that the Grapefruit Garage has reopened, which is primarily used for Cast Member parking.

It is widely expected that Disney Springs will be the first location to reopen at Walt Disney World, following the pattern of post-hurricane reopening.

Although state direction now allows restaurants and retail to operate, Disney Springs is not yet at that point, and the property does remain closed to guests. Disney is continuing to develop and refine a reopening plan that we should hear about soon.

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The Mom12 days ago

WDW made an announcement about lifting all Covid restrictions, etc so if they reinstate them another thread will be created to enable discussion.

helenabear12 days ago

You ever go to Epcot? WS stores are not all open. Not even close. Lots of dining missing. Tons of shows missing No trams at Epcot or DHS. We had a lovely time but the missing and restrictions stand out. Pretending something is back to normal isn't the same as it actually being back to normal.

DisneyDebRob12 days ago

I thought I contributed greatly to the downfall of the thread. Giving myself to much credit i guess.😎

disneyfireman12 days ago

All closed? I saw just about all dining open. There are shows. And cultural reps are there. There is a thread in here about it. Not sure about the trams. I knew they are running MK. And Epcot I think. I didn’t see any store closed. And as for all shows. Yes some are not on. But many are. Either way. It was a great time. Genie plus works great. Loved the whole visit.

hopemax12 days ago

The thread was closed too long! DisneyDebRob - About 2,000 results

DisneyDebRob12 days ago

As for the hand sanitizers being removed , IMO its a bad idea but maybe im just speaking for myself. Im a clean nut. I do taje sanitizer with me and use it acter everything. Ive been sick almost every time i return home from a trip and since ive been taken my own, i think one time I didn’t feel good out of the last 10-12 trips. Sure there are a lot of bathrooms and wasking is much better but for me that needs to clean after i leave a store, attraction, monorail,bus,skyliner,etc it comes in handy. Not taking it out of my backpack after doing any of those things and getting some was convenient. But thats me. Oh and welcome back everyone..even you #hopemax. 😂

Angel Ariel12 days ago

I’ll be shocked if those ever go away.

AEfx12 days ago

I won't be ready to declare the "end of pandemic restrictions" until they remove park reservations. I mean, that's why they are there, right? It wasn't just an opportunistic way to further lock down people into ridiculous levels of vacation planning. Amirite?

helenabear12 days ago

For some that's not an easy option.

helenabear12 days ago

It's why we won't return to AKL anytime soon. As AP and DVC I'm more patient on the rest. Oh and those darn patk reservations and hopping at 2pm. Still annoyed with that. Disney is getting there but missing lots still.

Lilofan12 days ago

Even when trams were running I followed the crowd to walk to our cars instead of waiting for the tram.

Andrew C12 days ago

All of this is why my Disney focus is currently with DCL.

helenabear12 days ago

Dining, stores, shows etc all closed. Lack of cultural reps. Lots missing we enjoy. Plus no trams in two parks and some transportation missing.

DCBaker12 days ago

Trams have not returned to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.