Changes to parking lot entrances at Downtown Disney on the Marketplace side

Jun 04, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Wednesday June 4, 2014 10:04am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

As part of the Disney Springs redevelopment of Downtown Disney, another change has been made to the parking lot entrances.

Entrance 1 on the Marketplace side, which is across from the Casting Center, is now closed to inbound traffic. This entry is the closest to the parking lot behind the Marketplace shops. If you wish to get to that lot, you now need to enter via Entrance 2, which is across from the Hess Gas Station, and then use the internal road to get to the Marketplace lot.

Although closed to inbound traffic, Entrance 1 can still be used as an exit.

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OKSTATE99Jul 12, 2014

And starting Monday July 14th they are starting to change even more... Light in front of Suntrust will be removed, Right turns only out of it. Entrance 4 will be closed, due to utility work that needs to be done. Sidewalks by new parking garage, by Team Disney, removed permanently. Plus the last week they have removed all the vegatation in from of Typhoon entrance to west to bridge, and with the stakes looks like the entrance will be moved back about 50 feet (maybe more) to accommodate more BVD lanes.

cw1982Jun 09, 2014

It really was! I swear, this trip was so full of great strokes of luck, it was almost creepy lol. I got onto DH and told him we shouldn't be going in that lot since the signs said not to, but it worked out quite well.

MOXOMUMDJun 09, 2014

That's a great stroke of luck considering it was a weekend. :)

cw1982Jun 08, 2014

When we went yesterday, we followed the signs for valet parking and went into the lot directly in front of the marketplace instead of going back across the street. I fussed at dh and told him the sign said the lot was full, but he found a spot within minutes and there were plenty of others. This was near noon. When we left around two that lot was even less full.

Figment2005Jun 07, 2014

I was at DTD this afternoon, and if folks just turn into the entrance nearest to Typhoon Lagoon, the parking lot in the back seems quite under-utilized. Yes, it does mean a decent walk if one is heading to the marketplace, but I consider it a valid alternative to parking across Buena Vista Drive.

jt04Jun 05, 2014

Short term pain long term gain. And judging by recent pics, crowds have certainly not diminished. Evidently the project attracts crowds/customers.

mm121Jun 05, 2014

Downtown Disney traffic patterns and parking just keep getting crazier and crazier. I know its necessary and they are trying to get it done, but it would be curious to find out how all this huge mess is affecting traffic to the vendors.

PhotoDave219Jun 04, 2014

I dare anyone to make a "Downfall" Parody video of me reacting....

OKSTATE99Jun 04, 2014

Probably due to the fact that in Lot A, they are opening temporary cast services trailers next week. Will reduce already problematic parking.

Texas84Jun 04, 2014

PhotoDave will not be amused