PHOTOS - Waterside Park and section of The Landing opens at Disney Springs

Nov 01, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Saturday November 1, 2014 11:08am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new section of The Landing, one of the districts of the new Disney Springs is now open to guests.

The new area provides a new walkway between Portobello and Raglan Road, through to the area by Paradiso 37. The newly revealed buildings give us a first look at the kind of detail we can expect throughout Disney Springs. The area will be home to a number of retail locations once complete, alongside the small park area, complete with a performance area for entertainment acts. 

Click the gallery for a complete look at the area.

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WDWtravelerSep 06, 2015

Photo update as of Sunday, Sept 6. The 3rd Disney ferry boat dock at The Landing now has signage. My prediction is this dock may open about the same time as The Hangar Bar (Sept 22), which is next door. As noted by the signs in this photo, ferry traffic to the nearby Disney resorts will remain at the Marketplace and West Side docks only. The painted sign on the wall of The Hangar Bar says "Fishing Tours."

halltdJan 30, 2015

I think Disney Springs is turning out to be one of my favorite additions recently...even more so than the new rides that have gone in. The level of detail they're putting in here is what I've come to expect from them and it's good to see it is back on at least this project!

NeXuS1000Jan 30, 2015

That looks really, really nice! These details really add up...

wdwmagicJan 30, 2015

Love the look of this. Really nice job they did on this.

WDWtravelerJan 30, 2015

Photo update as of Friday, Jan 30. The sign above is now completed. It doesn't show well in this photo, but the background is actually painted dark blue on the brick surface.

wdwmagicJan 29, 2015

Some nice new details popping up in this area.

RayTheFireflyNov 06, 2014

Looks really, really nice, IMO. It looks like they're using really nice quality materials (which is a big one for me).

wdwmagicNov 01, 2014

That is the dock for the boathouse. It is small, so I am assuming it is the boarding area for the cruises that will depart from there. The Hangar is primarily a bar.

GoofGoofNov 01, 2014

On the last concept art picture is the "tent like" structure out over the water the dockside bar at the Boathouse or something else. I assume the building to the left of the band is the hangar. Any word yet on what that will actually be? Bar, restaurant or both? I really like the use of the water and waterfront seating. I'm not expecting major acts to perform in that small area, but having live music will be a nice addition to the area.

mm121Nov 01, 2014

they can finish out the interiors with them closed up, then just swap out the windows overnight once complete its possible some of these locations are being built on spec without specific tenants yet, probably planned to open closer to the completion of the boathouse, etc. as currently eventhough the path is open theres not much activity down there

danlb_2000Nov 01, 2014

It's interesting that they took the walls down from in front of the in-complete stores. I wonder if they plan to put walls back up after the holiday's to finish these.

wdwmagicNov 01, 2014

PHOTOS - New concept art shows more of The Landing at Disney Springs