PHOTOS - Only a small section of Disney Quest remains

Oct 27, 2017 in "Disney Quest"

Disney Quest main building demolition
Posted: Friday October 27, 2017 9:00am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The demolition of Disney Quest is near complete, with only a small section still standing.

Disney has announced that the NBA Experience will replace Disney Quest in the summer of 2019.

View more photos of Disney Quest demolition.

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ChrisFLDec 24, 2017

Big news?!? I found on Tim Tracker's Kennedy Space Center video some simulator pods that look just like the ones used in Cyberspace Mountain (at 2:30):

S 2Dec 08, 2017

brb1006Nov 16, 2017

Can't wait for that to happen

MisterPenguinNov 12, 2017

He'll probably keep his obsession going by joining a Disney related forum and take out his aggression with non-stop slamming of everything Disney. He can join the club that lives here. :rolleyes:

PixieishNov 12, 2017

WHOA. Banned from Disney by a judge...that's different.

GringrinngghostNov 11, 2017

Little update: The court case was transferred to the circuit court and dropped down to a misdemeanor and as of the latest the case is closed and he was not charged with a criminal felony. He made a plea deal and has pled nolo contendere (no contest) to Tresspass in a Structure. The Judge went lenient with him and the case is marked as adjudication withheld. Adjudication withheld in Florida law means that you are not "convicted" of the crime although you are still found to be guilty of the crime. He punishment was 1 day in jail (time already served) and a has to pay $378 (Fine and Surcharge $105 ; Court Costs: $223 ; State Cost: $50). He does have a condition to his release, he is barred from Disney Property. The updated case number for reference was: 2017-MM-008951-A-O

danlb_2000Nov 10, 2017

Those are not construction sheds, they are protecting transformers and other utility hookups that probably being re-used for the new building.

jt04Nov 10, 2017

Nice to see construction sheds already in place for the new venue.

TwilightZoneNov 09, 2017

or more fittingly

KBLovedDisneyNov 09, 2017

Just like that man...

THE Monorail LimeNov 09, 2017


lazyboy97oNov 02, 2017

The theater is not being demolished. It will be renovated for the new show.

jt04Nov 02, 2017

Is the building leaving or just the show?